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Acelere el tiempo de remediación en amenazas críticas

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Wiz escanea automáticamente todas las cargas de trabajo e identifica vulnerabilidades, configuraciones erróneas y secretos expuestos.

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Qué dicen nuestros clientes sobre nosotros

“ I have not seen anything else right now that can give you as big of an impact as Wiz. ”
Igor TsyganskiyChief Technology OfficerBridgewater Associates

Qué dicen nuestros clientes sobre nosotros

“ Within a day of deployment, Wiz worked across our entire environment and showed us a set of critical findings that everyone should prioritize immediately. ”
Melody HildebrantCISOFox

Qué dicen nuestros clientes sobre nosotros

“ I'm a doctor, I take care of people, I was trained in preventative medicine. Wiz is like preventative medicine for us. ”
Alex SteinleitnerPresident & CEOArtisan

Qué dicen nuestros clientes sobre nosotros

“ This new depth and breadth of visibility really made us pay attention. We were able to scan tenants and find new critical issues very quickly. ”
Alex SchuchmanCISOColgate-Palmolive
Bridgewater Associates
Bridgewater Associates
Bridgewater Associates

Mira lo que piensan nuestros usuarios sobre Wiz

“There's a really damn good reason they blast off the edges up-and right on quadrants in their space -- it's not even close out there in practice. From documentation, to UX, to feature deployment, to sales, to support, and beyond, the Wiz team is crushing it every day for us and isn't just one of the best vendors I have today, but have ever had.”
Mark Stanislav, PhD
Mark Stanislav, PhD VP, Security Engineering & GRC
“Visibility into cloud workloads can be hard, Wiz makes this effortless.”
“Multi-cloud enablement is at the heart of our transformation strategy and security is paramount. Wiz helps us visualize our entire cloud environment and drive actionable insights, in minutes. They’ve made cloud security an enabler for Morgan Stanley and helped us break down the barriers between security and development teams.”
Katherine Wetmur
Katherine WetmurCo-CTO
Morgan Stanley
“Wiz’s agentless solution was able to get us 100% coverage quickly and at scale. Wiz gives us the contextual view of risks in our environment so we can properly understand and prioritize them based on our knowledge of what’s critical.”
Brad Abel
Brad AbelEnterprise and Principal Security Architect
“Finally a tool that actually gives you the data you need and functional processes.”
“A "MUST HAVE" Tool in any CISO Stack: Holistic approach, high-quality visibility, reliable and effective. I consider it the most effective tool in my security stack.”
“Wiz enables us to get more visibility to more teams with more context than we’ve ever had. ”
JJ McMahon
JJ McMahonEnterprise Security Architect @ Farmers Insurance
“Wiz is beyond impressive -- it is a game changer.”
“Wiz has changed the definition of a fine cloud security tool. I have not seen any cloud security tools capable of doing what wiz does with maximum accuracy. Wiz is straightforward to deploy and presents the findings in a way which makes it really easier for us to focus on severe and critical issues first.”
“I think Wiz is changing the industry. If you use clouds and you’re scaling, and you don’t have Wiz, you’re in trouble.”
Darcy Boynton
Darcy BoyntonManager, Security and Network Operations
“I’ve never posted about a product before, but the amount of visibility Wiz can give you with almost no set up is game changing.”
Patrick Lafleur, CRISC, CDPSE
Patrick Lafleur, CRISC, CDPSEInformation Security Manager @ Maple
“Wiz has paid for the five years subscription in a matter of one week.”
Igor Tsyganskiy
Igor TsyganskiyFormer CSO
Bridgewater Associates
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