Agentless scan of cloud configurations and workloads

Wiz uses an agentless approach—a single API connector per AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes environment to scan cloud configurations and inside every cloud workload.

Cloud Connect

5 minute deployment

Unlike agent-based tools that take months to deploy and only achieve partial coverage, Wiz connects to your entire cloud environment APIs in minutes. Wiz not only scans cloud configurations, but deep inside every cloud workload.

Built for multi-cloud environments

Wiz delivers full feature support across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every Kubernetes flavor so you can enforce consistent policies.

Download the solution brief

Get more information about how Wiz helps organizations identify and remove the most critical risks in the cloud.

Agentless Deep Scanning

Complete cloud coverage
of every workload

Wiz covers the entire cloud stack with full coverage for every architecture in today’s cloud environments including all VMs, containers, serverless, and PaaS.

Identify issues in the pipeline pre-deployment

Wiz integrates to CI/CD pipelines and defines scanning policies for container and VM images, as well as Infrastructure as Code, so teams can validate security before deployment.

Virtual machines

Wiz creates a snapshot of each VM volume and interrogates it with no performance impact. Wiz even covers short-lived resources, marketplace software, inactive machines, and VM images in the pipeline that agents can’t cover.


Wiz identifies and interrogates any container images used in your environment or in the pipeline and then connects to orchestration APIs like Kubernetes to gain full context within your environment.


Wiz interrogates cloud APIs to analyze serverless functions, out of band, then brings in the context of your cloud environment.


Wiz interrogates cloud APIs for PaaS inventory and configuration to ensure continuous security and compliance of cloud resources.

Full Cloud and Software Asset Inventory

Get visibility into what’s running in your environment

Wiz creates a complete inventory of technologies it has discovered for an up-to-date view of all assets, including cloud platform services, installed technologies, operating systems, applications, third-party access to the environment, and code libraries detected on workloads.