Identify the most critical risks in your cloud

Wiz performs a contextual analysis of cloud risks across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every flavor of Kubernetes using a graph database to identify the toxic combinations that make your cloud susceptible to a breach.

Cloud Graph

Identify the most critical  risks that arise from toxic combinations of issues  

It's not just a single misconfiguration or a vulnerability that creates the most serious risk, it’s usually a combination of multiple problems. Wiz represents all resources across your entire cloud architecture on a graph database, maps the connections created by entitlements and networking, and then layers risk factors such as internet exposure and software and configuration vulnerabilities to identify the toxic combinations that make your cloud susceptible to a breach.

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Get more information about how Wiz helps organizations identify and remove the most critical risks in the cloud.

Understand your cloud like never before

Wiz answers any question you may have about your cloud architecture or risk.

Visually explore your cloud environment

Cloud Explorer gives you a graphical interface to simplify the complexity of your cloud environment and visualize the different layers of your cloud application architecture, configuration, and risk.

Ask any question about your cloud

QuickSearch provides one place to search anything in Wiz from compliance standards to CVEs, individual resources, and more.

Reporting and dashboards

View your security posture at a glance

Wiz provides intuitive visual summaries of issues detected in your environment and trends over time to prioritize issues by risk type and track remediation progress.

Compliance score

Achieve continuous compliance with all major frameworks

Wiz provides hundreds of out-of-the-box checks across dozens of frameworks and benchmarks with the option to edit or create your own. You can see an overall compliance score and your compliance posture as well as export high-level or detailed reports.

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