Proactively reduce your risk

Wiz delivers a cloud control workflow across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every flavor of Kubernetes to enable security, DevOps, and engineering teams to focus on the highest risks and proactively harden your cloud environment.

Pre-built integrations

Connect Wiz to the tools DevOps and developers use to manage tasks

Wiz connects to ticketing, workflow, SIEM, and messaging applications to surface issues in the tools cloud teams use.

And more

Download the solution brief

Get more information about how Wiz helps organizations identify and remove the most critical risks in the cloud.

Workflow automation

Route issues to the right people and track resolution automatically

Build powerful automations that route issues to the right DevOps and developers to fix. Wiz sends the full context of the issue along with recommended remediation steps and automatically marks issues as resolved in Wiz once they are fixed.

Role-based access for your business partners

Provide role-based access for cloud teams in Wiz to manage issues for their applications

Extend access within Wiz to DevOps and development teams with project-based or role-based access controls so teams can view and manage the security risks for their projects directly in Wiz.

Automated response

Auto-remediate policy violations

Fix misconfigurations directly from the Wiz portal with a single click or an automated rule using dozens of out-of-the-box and custom remediation playbooks.