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Wiz at Re:Inforce 2024

See what’s new with Wiz at Re:Inforce 2024 with this year’s recap

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Re:Inforce ‘24 was jam packed with demos, Security Live! session, incredible magician, a speaking session, a rooftop party, and tons of swag! Our amazing Wizard of Wiz booth had non-stop traffic. 

In the “Security Live!” session hosted by AWS, our co-founder and VP of Product, Yinon Costica, discussed Wiz’s hyper-growth and how it has been enabled by Amazon Neptune. Yinon also spoke about our latest investments, including the Gem acquisition, and our goal to help organizations address the challenge of Cloud Detection and Response (CDR) with a best-in-class tool for security operations in the cloud. He also discussed our recent launches — code security, which helps organizations secure the cloud software development process, and AI-SPM, which empowers AI engineers and data scientists to innovate with AI securely. Then he spoke about what’s on the horizon for Wiz. 

We also hosted a session about securing cloud and AI development. In the session, we discussed the importance of detecting risk from code to runtime with code-to-cloud visibility and a unified risk engine that spans code, cloud, and runtime. Then we addressed what organizations should look for when searching for an AI Security solution, and our AI Security Posture Management (AI-SPM) capabilities. 

We also had an exciting launch of our newest remediation and response capabilities, which enable AWS customers to enforce organizational security policies in real-time and streamline incident management. With this launch, customers can quickly remediate misconfigurations and unfolding incidents with the click of a button, and easily add custom remediation actions based on organizational needs.

Not only that, but we also released the built-in compliance framework, AWS Foundational Security Best Practices (FSBP), in GA to help customers follow the AWS set of best practices using the Wiz platform with built-in policies.

To learn more about Wiz, visit us in the AWS Marketplace or sign up for a live demo to see how Wiz can secure your AWS environment. 

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“A melhor experiência do usuário que eu já vi, fornece visibilidade total para cargas de trabalho na nuvem.”
David EstlickCISO
“A Wiz fornece um único painel de vidro para ver o que está acontecendo em nossos ambientes de nuvem.”
Adão FletcherDiretor de Segurança
“Sabemos que se a Wiz identifica algo como crítico, na verdade é.”
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