AI Security Posture Management (AI-SPM)

Accelerate AI adoption securely with continuous visibility and proactive risk mitigation across your AI models, training data, and AI services.

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Protect your machine learning models in the cloud

Wiz discovers your AI pipelines, detects pipeline misconfigurations, and uncovers attack paths to your AI services, allowing you to securely introduce AI into your environment.

Gain full-stack visibility into AI pipelines icon

Gain full-stack visibility into AI pipelines

Discover AI services, technologies, and SDKs without any agents with Wiz's AI-BOM and gain visibility into AI pipelines.

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Detect AI misconfigurations

Enforce secure configuration baselines for your AI services with built-in rules to detect AI services that are misconfigured

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Remove AI attack paths

Proactively remove attack paths to your AI models and protect your sensitive training data from being compromised.

AI security starts with visibility

Uncover shadow AI with Wiz AI-BOM capabilities that provide security teams and AI developers with full-stack visibility into their AI pipelines and resources on the Wiz Security Graph. Detect AI services, technologies, and SDKs in your environment without agents, including managed services such as AWS SageMaker, OpenAI and known AI technologies such as TensorFlow Hub.


AI-SPM is designed to secure AI pipelines and accelerate AI adoption while maintaining protection against AI-related risks. It provides comprehensive visibility, risk assessment, and security measures across the entire AI development lifecycle in cloud environments.

Enforce AI security best practices with AI-SPM capabilities. Detect any misconfigurations in your AI services such as OpenAI and Amazon Bedrock with built-in configuration rules and extend to your development pipeline with IaC scanning.

Data security for AI

Protect your sensitive training data with Wiz’s DSPM for AI capabilities to automatically detect sensitive training data and proactively remove attack paths to it. Identify risks of data leakage with out-of-the-box DSPM AI controls and quickly remediate with guidance.

Attack path analysis extended to AI

Detect attack paths to your AI models with deep cloud and workload context around vulnerabilities, identities, network exposures, malware, data, and exposed secrets. Proactively remove AI attack paths before they become threats.

Empower developers to secure AI pipelines

Empower AI developers and data scientists to proactively fix issues with the new AI Security Dashboard that provides an AI security posture overview with a prioritized queue of risks so they can quickly focus on the most critical ones. Project-based workflows and role-based access control (RBAC) allow you to segment the Wiz Security Graph and ensure alerts go to the right team.

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