Vulnerability management

Agentless and Cloud-Native Vulnerability Management

Uncover vulnerabilities across your clouds and workloads (VMs, Serverless, Containers, Appliances) without deploying agents or configuring external scans.

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Fix Vulnerabilities at the Scale and Speed of the Cloud

Uncover blind spots, eliminate never-ending agent enforcement, and prioritize vulnerabilities by environmental risk.

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Using a one-time cloud native API deployment, continuously assess workloads without deploying agents.

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Deep assessment

Detect every hidden nested log4j dependency or CISA KEV exploitable vulnerability across virtual machines, containers, container registries, serverless functions (Lambda), and virtual appliances.

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Contextual risk-based prioritization

Prioritize remediation by focusing first on the resources that are effectively exposed or have the largest blast radius.

Go Beyond Agents and Scanners

Wiz's agentless scanning technology provides complete vulnerability visibility using a single cloud-native API connector to continuously assess workloads without needing any ongoing maintenance.

Cross Cloud: Single pane of glass for vulnerability assessment across AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI, Alibaba Cloud, VMware vSphere, EKS, GKE, OKE, and AKS.

Cross Technology: Get a comprehensive risk assessment across virtual machines, ephemeral resources (Auto-Scaling Groups), containers, container registries, serverless functions, virtual appliances (e.g. third-party firewalls) and managed compute resources (EMR clusters, GCP Dataprocs).

70K+ Supported Vulnerabilities: Our industry-leading vulnerability catalog consists of more than 70,000 supported vulnerabilities, across 30+ operating systems, CISA KEV catalog and thousands of applications.

Quickly Identify Emerging Threats

Scan Before Deployment

Contextual Risk-Based Prioritization

Reduce alert fatigue by correlating vulnerabilities with multiple risk factors, including external exposure, cloud entitlements, secrets, misconfigurations, malware, and more, to surface the vulnerabilities that should be prioritized.

Agentless Host Configuration Analysis

Continuously monitor operating systems and application configurations according to CIS benchmarks (CIS Ubuntu, Red Hat, Windows, and more) without any agents or external scans.

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“Best User Experience I have ever seen, provides full visibility to cloud workloads.”
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Greg PoniatowskiHead of Threat and Vulnerability Management