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Wiz Integration Platform

Wiz Integration (WIN) platform enables bi-directional sharing of security findings across the cloud security ecosystem to reduce risk, improve efficiency and enable an open cloud security ecosystem.

Wiz Integration (WIN) platform

Empower choice and agility in the cloud

Wiz works with your existing technology stack to complement current workflows and streamline your cloud security strategy - all in one seamless platform.

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Complete context

Improve cloud threat detection and prioritization by sharing rich signals across cloud security ecosystem.

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Drive efficiency

Save time and avoid knowledge gaps in your security operations by creating truly integrated workflows.

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Vendor neutral

Enable a flexible & open security architecture by leveraging our expansive integrations

Wiz Integration Platform

Our integration partners

Leverage our integrations across every product category to bi-directionally share security findings.

Ticketing & Messaging
ServiceNow logo

Integrate with ServiceNow to create tickets manually based on Wiz Issues or automatically via an automation rule.

Slack icon

Send Issues generated by Wiz to Slack channels

PagerDuty icon

Send Issues generated by Wiz to PagerDuty, trigger incidents in the PagerDuty service, and resolve the incidents in PagerDuty once the Issues are identified as resolved in Wiz.

Cisco Webex icon
Cisco Webex

Integrate with Webex to send automated messages to selected channels when Wiz detects a new Issue.

Fresh Service icon
Fresh Service

Send Issues generated by Wiz to Freshservice and generate a Freshservice ticket.

GCP (Google Chat) icon
Google Chat

Integrate with Google Chat and send automated messages to a dedicated room to alert them on detected Issues.

Jira icon

Simplify and automate the process of creating and updating tickets in Jira based on Issues in Wiz.

Microsoft (Teams) icon
Microsoft Teams

Send automated messages to selected channels in Microsoft Teams when Wiz detects a new Issue.

Microsoft (Azure DevOps) icon
Azure DevOps

Integrate with Azure DevOps to create work items manually from Wiz Issues or automatically via an Automation Rule. Associate the Wiz Issue with the work item.

ClickUp icon

Integrate with ClickUp to send Wiz Issues as tasks to ClickUp.

Slack icon

Send customized messages to separate channels for different scenarios - Manually for single or multiple issues, controls or automatically using an automation rule.


Integrate with Opsgenie to send Wiz Issues as alerts to Opsgenie, and close the alerts in Opsgenie once the Issues are identified as resolved in Wiz.


Integrate Wiz Issues and to create or update items for security teams to be notified of their priorities.

Palo Alto (Cortex SOAR) icon

Integrate Wiz with Cortex XSOAR to build and utilize built-in playbooks triggered by Actions sent from Wiz and pulled from Cortex XSOAR.

Cyware icon

Integrate Wiz with Cyware to build and utilize built-in workflows triggered by Actions sent from Wiz to Cyware SOAR.

Tines icons

Send Wiz security data to Tines and the customers' broader SecOps tech stack without needing to engage with additional engineering resources.

torq icon

Integrate Wiz with Torq to build and utilize built-in workflows triggered by Actions from Wiz.


Use the Wiz and BlinkOps Integration to automate your security operations using 5000+ no-code automations.


Send Wiz issues to Botprise to create no-code automation workflows to remediate security threats while minimizing manual intervention.


Send Wiz vulnerabilities and Issues to DevOcean for automated remediation

Hunter icon

Send Issues generated by Wiz into the Hunters platform to investigate and correlate with other security incidents and IT data.

QRadar icon

Setup Wiz as a data log source to pull Wiz issues into QRadar for further investigation and utilize QRadar's security response/ remidiation workflows.

Splunk icon

Send audit logs, Issues, and vulnerability data from your Wiz tenant into Splunk.

sumo icon
Sumo Logic

Integrate Sumo Logic and Wiz lets SecOps and SOC analysts review security issues and aggregate the data in security dashboards.

Microsoft Sentinel

Install Wiz native app on Azure Sentinel to ingest Wiz Issues, Vulnerability Findings, and Audit Logs.

AWS Security Hub

Integrate Wiz with AWS Security Hub to include Wiz Issues detected on AWS resources as part of your AWS security alerts and findings.


By combining Securonix's advanced security analytics and threat detection capabilities with Wiz's cloud-native security posture management and vulnerability assessment expertise, organizations can benefit from a comprehensive and unified approach to protecting their digital assets, identifying risks, and proactively addressing security threats in dynamic and complex environments.


Ingest Wiz issues, vulnerabilities, and audit logs to Elastic to correlate across multiple tools.

Google Chronicle

Customers can now export their Wiz Issues reports using our new native Google Cloud Chronicle integration

Threat Detection
Amazon GuardDuty

Connect directly with your AWS cloud logs to provide additional context and detections related to the events occurring in your AWS environment.

Microsoft Azure defender for Cloud
Microsoft Azure Defender for Cloud

Connect directly with your Azure cloud logs to provide additional context and detections related to the events occurring in your Azure environment.


Integrate with SentinelOne to send Wiz Issues as alerts to SentinelOne XDR and viewing them on the threatened cloud asset.


Customers can use Wiz's forensics capabilities to trigger project creation in Cado for further triage and investigation.

Cloud Services
Amazon SQS

Send Wiz Issues to an SQS Queue in AWS that you can then use to create automation flows within your AWS environment.

Amazon SNS

Integrate Wiz with AWS SNS to send Issues and cloud events directly to an SNS topic in AWS, and then create automation flows or as part of auto-remediation.

Microsoft Azure Service Bus
Microsoft Azure Service Bus

Send Issues directly to a Service Bus topic in Azure which you can then use to create automation flows.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub
Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Send Issues directly to a Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic in Google Cloud which you can then use to create automation flows.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Integrate Wiz with S3 to export Wiz reports straight to your S3 bucket.

Vulnerability Response & Management
Axonius icon

Integrate with Axonius to get a view of the devices in your infrastructure.

ServiceNow logo

The Wiz Integration for Security Operations app provides a comprehensive solution to manage vulnerabilities discovered in virtual machines and serverless objects within your cloud infrastructure.


Integrate Vulcan with Wiz to analyze and prioritize Wiz Vulnerabilities and risk data to orchestrate remediation.


ArmorCode ingests Wiz Issues and Vulnerability Findings, correlates them with findings from other security tools across applications, cloud, and on-premises layers, and orchestrates and automates remediation.


Wiz and Armis help ensure proper maintenance, security, and compliance with regulations for operational technology assets.


Get Wiz Issues and Cloud Configuration findings within the Seemplicity platform.


Ingest Wiz Issues, vulnerabilities, and Cloud Configuration Findings into Avalor’s data fabric to bring together disparate data sources.


Integrate with Dazz to aggregate, prioritize, and fix vulnerabilities across code, cloud, apps, and infrastructure.

Security Data Management
Brinqa icon

Integrate with Brinqa to pull Wiz Issues and vulnerability information.

Cisco icon

Integrate with Kenna to enable both vulnerability scan results and Issues from Wiz to be incorporated in Kenna's prioritization model.

ServiceNow logo
ServiceNow Configuration Compliance

Import security alerts based on Wiz's contextual risk analysis into the ServiceNow platform by leveraging the platform components.


Integrate Wiz with Monad to combine the cloud security data Wiz creates with data from elsewhere in your organization, like asset ownership data, repository data, or static code workload combinations.

Silk Security

You can now integrate Wiz with Silk Security and send Wiz Issues, Vulnerabilities, Cloud Configuration Findings, and Cloud Resources to Silk, and create security automation workflows.


You can now integrate with Opus to investigate Wiz Issues, vulnerabilities, and cloud configuration findings. Analysts can leverage Opus's no-code automation platform, and automate remediation without necessarily having programming skills.


Send Wiz Inventory and vulnerabilities for analytics on your security estate


Send the publicly exposed assets to Shockwave for mapping your external attack surface

Compliance Management
Regscale icon

Combine Wiz and RegScale to periodically assess your cloud environment with Wiz and auto-update your security documentation to ensure that compliance paperwork is synchronized in real-time.


Pull your cloud infrastructure data (e.g. Wiz Issues, your users) from Wiz into the Anecdotes assessment process to better monitor and manage your compliance program.


Automate evidence collection for compliance activities.


Ingest Wiz issues in TrustMAPP to align to compliance frameworks


Send Wiz users and information to align to compliance requirements for audits in Vanta

Data Lake & Analytics
Snowflake icon

Deliver contextualized vulnerability reports , Issue reports, and enriched asset inventories from their Wiz tenants over to their Snowflake accounts for storage and additional analytics.

AWS CloudTrail Lake

Store audit logs from Wiz for an extended period of time in AWS CloudTrail Lake.

Amazon Security Lake

Integrate Wiz as an Amazon Security Lake custom source to include security Issues detected by Wiz as part of your security alerts, providing a comprehensive view of your security state in AWS.


Wiz now integrates with Cribl Stream to integrate security-relevant data from Wiz and route it to multiple platforms such as CMDB, SIEM, SOAR, and XDR. Cribl Stream's REST Collector enables you to precisely retrieve the data you require and format it as needed for one or more chosen destinations.


Send Wiz audit logs to Tarsal to be sent onward to destinations of your choice


Send Wiz vulnerabilities and Issues to Polarity to query across different tools in a single view

Data Security
Amazon Macie
Amazon Macie

Ingest findings from Amazon Macie into Wiz.

bigid icon

Automatically discover sensitive data across your data ecosystem, prioritize vulnerable data, and mitigate potential attacks based on recommended best practices and playbooks.

Laminar icon

Integrate to automatically discover sensitive data across your data ecosystem, prioritize vulnerable data, and mitigate potential attacks based on recommended best practices and playbooks.

cloud defense
Cloud Defense

Send Wiz vulnerabilities to Cloud Defense to add additional security findings context to your IT tickets.


Ingest Wiz’s issues to Cyera’s deep data context to prioritize and remediate security and compliance issues, taking into account both the nature of the risk and the data that is impacted by it.

Dig Security

Dig enriches the Security Graph with Data Findings of VMs, buckets, and database servers, thus contributing to a comprehensive view of your data security posture. This integration is in public preview.

Adaptive Shield  icon

Ensure compliance with company and industry standards by integrating Adaptive Shield with Wiz to manage Wiz users, roles, risks, and general governance of your Wiz tenant.


Integrate Wiz with AppOmni to enhance visibility and continuous monitoring with additional users, roles, assignments, and permissions, including sanctioned or unsanctioned.


Integrate with Reco to discover who uses Wiz in your organization, provides context about their activity and Wiz privileges, and helps you understand whether they abuse their privileges.

Valence Security

Integrate with Valence’s SaaS Security Platform to monitor the security posture, users and permissions of your Wiz tenant and detect abnormal activity or changes.

API Security

Automatically discover, identify, and classify your most critical and sensitive APIs and prioritize the remediation of vulnerable infrastructure.


Integrate Wiz with Traceable to assess and prioritize combined risks for applications and APIs in the cloud, facilitating effective risk mitigation strategies.


Send the Wiz Inventory to Firetail for automated discovery of API assets


Simplify complex security infrastructure while increasing speed and agility.

Red Canary

Ingest Wiz issues and inventory to Red Canary’s MDR platform to enhance issues remediation.


Wiz now integrates with Expel for you to efficiently triage Issues alongside other alerts in Expel. The Expel integration pulls all Wiz Issues that are Open or In Progress to look for evidence of post-exploit behavior. Analysts and users can then update notes and the status of Issues directly from the Expel platform.

Risk Assessment & Management
Safe Security

Integrate Wiz with Safe Security to prioritize risk management based on financial ROI.


Integrate Wiz with Tromzo to send Issues to Tromzo and automate the remediation lifecycle of Issues that truly matter. Automate the manual processes of prioritization, ownership assignment, governance, and reporting.

Network Security

Integrate Wiz with Netography Fusion to accelerate and simplify the detection and mitigation of anomalous or malicious activity targeting vulnerable cloud assets.


Wiz sends Issues data to the FortiGate VM and FortiGate CNF in order to allow or block traffic going to and from protected VMs running in AWS, based on FortiGate policies defined by you.


Integrate Wiz with Netskope to push Issues in order to create and validate policies created in Netskope.


Push Wiz Issues to Illumio to create secure network policies

Developer Tools
Cortex IO

Ingest Wiz issues to to create a security-centric scoredcard.

Wiz Merlin

Wiz’s web browser extension is designed to make managing your cloud security feel like Magic. Integrated into a user’s workflow on the cloud portal, get quick cloud security context right as you navigate your console.


Seamlessly add checks to your Terraform pipelines for completely automated security guardrails and feedback. Detect secrets or misconfigurations in IaC using a post-plan or pre-apply run task.


Use Harness to orchestrate the Wiz CLI in your pipeline

Application Security

Ingest Wiz container image vulnerabilities to Apiiro for code to cloud risk context


Integrate Wiz with Cycode to send container image vulnerabilities in order to track where they originate from.


Integrate Wiz with Checkmarx to send extra context around inventory and the network exposure for Checkmarx to prioritize application vulnerabilities


Send Wiz container image vulnerabilities and inventory to Legit for code to cloud risk context

Identity Security

Send inventory to Aembit to block actions based on Wiz posture


You can now integrate Wiz with CyberArk to send posture of users in order to proactively restrict access to workloads or remove standing users.

Cyber Resilience

Ingest tags to have visibility into assets protected by Cohesity, and send Issues to Cohesity to understand risks associated with backups.

ServiceNow logo
Service Now CMDB

The Wiz Service Graph Connector for ServiceNow's CMDB is out in preview! The Service Graph Connector is pulling a list of cloud assets from the Wiz Inventory in order to agentlessly enrich your ServiceNow CMDB. You can request using this app through ServiceNow's Innovation Labs to test the preview.

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