Meet our customers

We help organizations of all sizes and industries build faster and more securely in the cloud

“Wiz replaced our incumbent and instantly got us out of chasing false positives and into identifying and remediating critical risks. Our DevOps teams log in directly to Wiz to identify and remediate issues – scaling the Infosec team's reach and velocity.”

Melody Hildebrandt
Executive Vice President, Engineering,
Chief Information Security Officer

“I’ve been doing security for 24 years, and I’ve never had a security tool deploy faster than Wiz, let alone return this much value. The mean time to value was under a half hour.” 

Anthony Belfiore
Chief Security Officer
"Wiz is so powerful that any organization can gain complete full-stack cloud coverage with an accurate and prioritized view of cloud risk in less than a day."
Steve Ward
Chief Information Security Officer

“The instant, out-of-the box visibility and risk reduction Wiz provides make it one of the best security tools I've seen in a long time.”

Emily Health
Chief Trust and Security Officer

"Wiz provides a unified cloud security posture across multiple providers using a single platform. We love it because it’s agentless, provides immediate time to value, and allows us to consolidate and replace multiple existing tools."

Louis Klubenspies
Chief Information Security Officer

“Wiz is excellent - an agile and sophisticated cloud security solution.”

Tal Hornstein
Chief Information Security Officer

“We were really impressed with how Wiz had consolidated the capabilities we were seeing in the marketplace into a single platform with a single pane of glass view of what is going on in our cloud environments.”

Adam Fletcher
Chief Security Officer