Vulnerability Management Buyer's Guide

Organizations have a high volume of vulnerabilities, but you cannot fix them all. Securing cloud-native applications requires an end-to-end view into vulnerabilities across the application lifecycle. Most businesses understand the role of vulnerability management to help them ensure security and reduce risk, but not all solutions help them properly address their needs. This buyers guide will not only help you objectively choose or replace a vulnerability management solution, but also provide insights on how your organization can work together to own the responsibility of security as one team. 

This buyer’s guide topics include:  

  • Going over what is vulnerability management and why is it important 

  • Understanding the challenges of vulnerability management 

  • Providing reports to make the information actionable for users of all levels 

  • Identifying ways to remediate issues as a team and promoting organizational ownership 

  • Request for Proposal template to help you evaluate your Vulnerability Management vendor 

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