Container & Kubernetes security

Prevent attack paths at every step

Rapidly build containerized applications without risks. Holistically secure Containers, Kubernetes, and cloud environments.

The Wiz Way

Cross-cloud contextualized container & Kubernetes security

Get complete visibility across containers, Kubernetes, and cloud environments in minutes without agents. Leverage the power of the Wiz Security Graph to analyze and prioritize risk with complete context. Enable a partnership between developers and security to shift left and resolve issues across the lifecycle of the containerized application.

Complete visibility

Discover and scan all your containers, hosts, and clusters across cloud-managed and self-managed Kubernetes, serverless containers, and standalone containers running on virtual machines to build a complete understanding of your containerized environments without blind spots.

In-depth risk assessment

Correlate and prioritize container risks using the power of the Security Graph by combining data from containers, hosts, cloud providers, and Kubernetes APIs to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, internet-facing containers, excessive permissions, and exposed secrets to proactively remove container risk and stop attack paths into your environments.

Shift left

Partner with your development team to identify and prevent container security issues across the SDLC. Secure container images from the developer's sandbox into run-time. Scan the infrastructure, including Kubernetes YAML files, Docker files, Terraform and ensure security compliance while deploying.

Secure the container image across the lifecycle

Make your developers more productive at every stage by extending a single policy framework from production back to code.

Graph-based risk correlation and prioritization

Correlate multiple risk factors across containers, hosts, Kubernetes clusters and the cloud environment to identify the attack paths that cross boundaries and represent the greatest risk to prioritize remediation. Identify data access from the container to the cloud, lateral movement between the Kubernetes cluster and the cloud or detect the escalation of privileges.
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Automatic Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM)

  • Continuous monitoring: Continuously assess Kubernetes clusters to identify misconfigurations and suggest remediation steps to mitigate identified threats and harden your clusters.
  • Compliance assessment: Get reports mapped to the CIS Foundation Benchmarks for Kubernetes, EKS, AKS and GKE to assess the security of your Kubernetes environments and ensure compliance.
  • Built-in & custom rules: Leverage of built-in rules and create custom rules using OPA’s Rego querying language.
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Enable guardrails across the development pipeline

Scan Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) files across Dockerfiles, Kubernetes YAML manifests and Helm charts for misconfigurations and security risks. Automatically assess one security policy across your entire cloud and Kubernetes development lifecycle and decide whether to block builds that violate it. Validate compliance with security policy before container images are deployed in the cluster.
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Case Study

Copper technologies gains friction-free cloud security for its digital asset investment platform

Copper, the rapidly growing cryptocurrency company aims to be at the forefront of fintech cybersecurity. Wiz helps the team identify and prioritize critical risks while reducing noisy alerts.

Read full storyCopper
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