Detect, Investigate, and Respond to Cloud Threats

Continuously monitor your cloud workloads for suspicious activity and collect intelligence from cloud providers to proactively detect and respond to unfolding threats.

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Contextualize Detection & Response

See your cloud activities come to life. Monitor your resources, their actions, file changes, and access across the environment in order to detect and analyze threats in context so that you can prioritize, investigate, and respond quickly to the right risks.

Contextualize Threats with Full Visibility icon

Contextualize Threats with Full Visibility

Correlate threats across real-time signals and cloud activity in a unified view to uncover attacker movement in your cloud, so defenders can respond rapidly to limit the impact of a potential incident.

Monitor Workload and Cloud Activity icon

Monitor Workload and Cloud Activity

Monitor workload events and cloud activity to rapidly detect known and unknown threats and malicious behavior.

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Cloud-Native Incident Response

Utilize out-of-the-box response playbooks that are built to allow your team to investigate and isolate affected resources using cloud-native capabilities. Automate evidence collection so security teams can move quicker to containment, eradication, and recovery.

Threat Hunting

Go Beyond Threats

Real-Time Threat Detection and Response

Secure exposed applications and APIs

Connect in minutes without agents

Complete security for AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, Alibaba Cloud, VMware vSphere, Kubernetes, and Red Hat Openshift. Meet your new partner in cloud security.

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“Best User Experience I have ever seen, provides full visibility to cloud workloads.”
David EstlickCISO
“Wiz provides a single pane of glass to see what is going on in our cloud environments.”
Adam FletcherChief Security Officer
“We know that if Wiz identifies something as critical, it actually is.”
Greg PoniatowskiHead of Threat and Vulnerability Management