Integrated Data Exposure Protection

Continuously monitor for sensitive data and secrets exposure and proactively eliminate attack paths to prevent data breaches.

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Protect Your Most Critical Cloud Data

Wiz scans and alerts of exposure paths to sensitive data including PII, PHI, PCI, and secrets across public and private buckets, serverless functions, hosted database servers such as MySQL and MongoDB, cloud-managed SQL databases such as AWS RDS, Azure SQL, and GCP Cloud SQL, as well as Amazon DynamoDB, Google BigQuery, Amazon Lightsail, and OpenAI

Discover your sensitive data  icon

Discover your sensitive data

Rapid, agentless visibility into critical data in your buckets, data and OS volumes, and managed and hosted databases with pre-defined and custom classifiers to easily answer the question of what data is located where. Deploy with ease in minutes using read-only permissions with no impact on performance.

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Put your data in context

Automatically correlate your sensitive data with underlying cloud context, including public exposure, identities and entitlements, and vulnerabilities to understand who can access what data, how data assets are configured and used, and how data moves within your environments.

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Prioritize exposure to speed response

With fully integrated DSPM, the Wiz Security Graph automatically alerts you when toxic combinations of risks create attack paths to your sensitive data so your teams can focus on the highest priority issues before they become breaches.

Wiz DSPM supports

Start with Prevention

Traditional siloed tools completely miss complex data risks and can't detect attack paths to critical data as they form. Wiz gets you ahead of data exposure with a comprehensive platform that dramatically reduces the time it takes to identify and fix data issues.

Attack path analysis

Automatically uncover attack paths to sensitive data that is validated to be publicly exposed to the internet or can be exfiltrated using a lateral movement path.

Data risk prioritization

Focus your teams on what is critical with a single prioritized queue of data issues ranked by severity and type.

Data security for code

Identify sensitive data in development environments (IDEs), code base, pull requests, and CI/CD platforms and reduce the risk of accidental data exposure.

Continuous Data Security and Compliance

Manage security posture: Assess data security posture against pre-built data policies or write custom policies based on your business requirements.

Real-time remediation: Automatically trigger alerts and kick off remediation workflows to the relevant teams when policies are violated.

Automate compliance: Address compliance requirements using industry standard or custom-built frameworks by business unit or application.

Identify Data Lineage

DSPM uses schema matching across the entire environment to understand data flow and lineage, including when data is moved between environments or regions and improper storage of production data.

Continuous Assessment

Wiz automatically assesses your compliance posture against more than 35 industry compliance frameworks or your custom frameworks. Eliminate the manual effort and complexity of achieving compliance in dynamic and multi-cloud environments.

Tightly Integrated to Your Tech Stack

Integrate with third party services like BigID and native tools like Amazon Macie to provide even more data context for risk prioritization and decision-making.

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“Best User Experience I have ever seen, provides full visibility to cloud workloads.”
David EstlickCISO
“Wiz provides a single pane of glass to see what is going on in our cloud environments.”
Adam FletcherChief Security Officer
“We know that if Wiz identifies something as critical, it actually is.”
Greg PoniatowskiHead of Threat and Vulnerability Management