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What is containerization?

Containerization encapsulates an application and its dependencies into a container image, facilitating consistent execution across any host operating system supporting a container engine.

Kubernetes as a service

Kubernetes as a service (KaaS) is a model in which hyperscalers like AWS, GCP, and Azure allow you to quickly and easily start a Kubernetes cluster and begin deploying workloads on it instantly.

Kubernetes Vulnerability Scanning

Kubernetes vulnerability scanning is the systematic process of inspecting a Kubernetes cluster (including its container images and configurations) to detect security misconfigurations or vulnerabilities that could compromise the security posture of the cluster.

Container Registries Explained

A container registry is a service that stores, manages, and distributes application images. Its architecture is designed to ensure availability by providing a centralized resource for container image discovery, distribution, and deployment.

Top Docker Alternatives

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In this guide, we'll look at a variety of Docker alternatives that provide different benefits for your workloads—such as daemonless operation, a simplified management experience, improved container security, and enhanced scalability and orchestration for production environments.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps, which stands for Development, Security, and Operations, is a software development practice that emphasizes integrating security considerations throughout the entire development lifecycle, from initial design to deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Kubernetes Alternatives for Container Orchestration

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This blog post explores the world of container orchestration tools beyond Kubernetes, highlighting cloud provider tools and open-source alternatives that promise to redefine how we deploy and manage applications.

Secure Coding Explained

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Secure coding is the practice of developing software that is resistant to security vulnerabilities by applying security best practices, techniques, and tools early in development.

What is KSPM?

Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) is the practice of monitoring, assessing, and ensuring the security and compliance of Kubernetes environments.

Code Security

Code security comprises programming practices, techniques, and tools that ensure your code isn’t susceptible to security vulnerabilities.

Software Supply Chain Security Best Practices

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In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into software supply chains and discuss effective strategies for reducing security risks.

The Open-Source Code Security Tool Roundup

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This article will give you a refresher on code security and review the most popular open-source code security tools available.

Container Security Scanning

Container security scanning is a process that systematically analyzes container images for vulnerabilities and security issues, allowing developers to address potential threats before they escalate into breaches.

Container Scanning Tools

Looking to make the most of containerization while minimizing risk? Container scanning solutions are a critical line of defense that help ensure the safe and secure deployment of applications.

Secure SDLC

Secure SDLC (SSDLC) is a framework for enhancing software security by integrating security designs, tools, and processes across the entire development lifecycle.

AI Security Explained: How to Secure AI

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AI is the engine behind modern development processes, workload automation, and big data analytics. AI security is a key component of enterprise cybersecurity that focuses on defending AI infrastructure from cyberattacks.

CI/CD Pipeline Security Best Practices

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) have become the backbone of modern software development, enabling rapid, reliable, and consistent delivery of software products. To bolster your CI/CD pipeline, ensuring resilience against ever-evolving threats, follow the best practices in this guide.

IaC Security Explained

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security is the practice of securing cloud infrastructure by embedding security controls into IaC templates and scripts.

The top 11 open-source Kubernetes security tools

It’s a good idea to consider a range of Kubernetes security tools. Open source solutions can greatly improve the security of your Kubernetes clusters, so this section explores the top 11 open-source Kubernetes security tools that can help to safeguard your Kubernetes environment.

AWS Security Best Practices

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10 essential AWS security best practices every organization should start with

Top Native AWS Security Tools

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11 native tools for IAM, data protection, network and application protection, compliance management, and threat detection