Wiz and BigID expand partnership to extend visibility and control for enterprise data to prevent breaches

Deeper partnership accelerates end-to-end cloud-native data protection from discovery to enforcement.

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BigID, the leading data platform that enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, security, compliance, and governance, and Wiz, the leading cloud security platform that rapidly enables customers to find and remove critical cloud risks, today announced an expanded partnership. Wiz and BigID bring together Cloud-Native Application Protection (CNAPP) and Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) to reduce cloud risk and accelerate cloud security strategies. 

The partnership enables customers to continuously monitor for critical data exposure to prevent breaches. Together, customers can take a data-driven approach when automating security controls in the cloud: making it easy to prioritize risk management based on deep data insight, with the granularity customers need to both protect data and enable secure analytics. 

With this integration, customers can automatically discover their data across their entire data ecosystem, prioritize vulnerable data, and mitigate potential attacks based on recommended best practices and playbooks. 

Together, Wiz and BigID accelerate visibility and data protection in the cloud: 

  • Automatically discover, identify, and classify their most sensitive and vulnerable data - across all data, everywhere.

  • Identify which data stores are exposed to the internet or have other cloud risks like misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and overly permissive identities, and alert on potential exfiltration paths.

  • Improve their security and compliance posture by prioritizing high risk data, continuously assessing and enforcing security and business policies, and blocking the attack path to sensitive data. 

BigID’s deep data discovery and actionable insights empowers customers to proactively protect and govern their structured and unstructured data across the public cloud, SaaS, and data center. Our partnership with Wiz gives their CNAAP customers deeper, wider and more granular data visibility and control.

Dimitri Sirota, CEO at BigID

Together with our integration and partnership, customers gain visibility and context to solve a broader set of security use cases such as preventing and investigating data breaches, complying with privacy requirements, enabling secure analytics, deleting duplicate and ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial) data and more.

Assaf Rappaport, CEO at Wiz

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