Ivanti VPNの脆弱性:クラウド脅威の専門家の助けを借りてリスクを軽減

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CloudSec Academy へようこそ。クラウドセキュリティの頭字語と業界用語のアルファベットスープをナビゲートするためのガイドです。 明確で簡潔、かつ専門的に作成されたコンテンツで、基本的なことからベストプラクティスまでをカバーします。

What is Container Security?

Container security is the process of securing the container pipeline, the content running inside the containers, and the infrastructure on which the containers run.

CIEM vs CSPM: Why You Need Both

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CSPM focuses on securing cloud infrastructure by identifying and remediating misconfigurations, while CIEM centers on managing and securing user identities and access permissions within cloud environments, addressing threats related to unauthorized access and entitlements.

What is DSPM? [Data Security Posture Management]

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Data security posture management (DSPM) is a solution designed to continuously monitor an organization's data security policies and procedures to detect vulnerabilities and potential risks.


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Learn where CNAPP and CSPM overlap, where they differ, and which one is right for your organization.


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Learn where CSPM and CWPP overlap, where they differ, and which one is right for your organization.

What is CSPM?

Cloud security posture management (CSPM) is a set of tools and practices that help organizations monitor and manage their cloud security posture.

What is KSPM?

Kubernetes Security Posture Management (KSPM) is the practice of monitoring, assessing, and ensuring the security and compliance of Kubernetes environments.

The CSPM Solutions Landscape 2024

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A walk through of what the cloud security posture management (CSPM) landscape will look like this year.

What is CWPP? [Cloud Workload Protection Platform]

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A cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) is a security solution that provides continuous threat monitoring and protection for cloud workloads across different types of cloud environments.