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CloudSec Academy へようこそ。クラウドセキュリティの頭字語と業界用語のアルファベットスープをナビゲートするためのガイドです。 明確で簡潔、かつ専門的に作成されたコンテンツで、基本的なことからベストプラクティスまでをカバーします。

Native Azure Security Tools

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This blog explores the significance of security in Azure environments and provides an overview of native as well as third-party security tools available to improve an organization’s Azure security stance.

Kubernetes Alternatives for Container Orchestration

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This blog post explores the world of container orchestration tools beyond Kubernetes, highlighting cloud provider tools and open-source alternatives that promise to redefine how we deploy and manage applications.

AI Security Tools: The Open-Source Toolkit

We’ll take a deep dive into the MLSecOps tools landscape by reviewing the five foundational areas of MLSecOps, exploring the growing importance of MLSecOps for organizations, and introducing six interesting open-source tools to check out

Types of Cloud Security Tools

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Explore the security roles your tools should cover, then outline the key tool types to help you build your security workflows.

The Open-Source Code Security Tool Roundup

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This article will give you a refresher on code security and review the most popular open-source code security tools available.

Container Scanning Tools

Looking to make the most of containerization while minimizing risk? Container scanning solutions are a critical line of defense that help ensure the safe and secure deployment of applications.

Top Native AWS Security Tools

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11 native tools for IAM, data protection, network and application protection, compliance management, and threat detection