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Use the Wiz Cloud Security Platform to build faster in the cloud, enabling security, dev and devops to work together in a self-service model built for the scale and speed of your cloud development.

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G2 grid for cloud security posture management (CSPM)
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Shift happens

The switch to cloud
creates a new world
of security challenges

A new set of problems
requires a new set of solutions


Wiz Cloud
Security Platform

A Unified Platform

One Cloud Security Command Center For Full Control


Continuously monitor for sensitive data and secrets exposure and proactively eliminate attack paths to prevent data breaches.

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Continuously monitor your cloud workloads for suspicious activity and collect intelligence from cloud providers to proactively detect and respond to unfolding threats.

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Container & Kubernetes security
Container & Kubernetes security

Rapidly build containerized applications without risks. Holistically secure containers, Kubernetes, and cloud environments from build-time to real-time.

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Vulnerability management
Vulnerability management

Uncover vulnerabilities across your clouds and workloads (VMs, Serverless, Containers, Appliances) without deploying agents or configuring external scans.

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Continuously detect and remediate misconfigurations from build time to runtime across your hybrid clouds – AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI, Alibaba Cloud, and VMware vSphere

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Unify your workload protection from prevention to real-time detection and response

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Ensure compliance
Ensure compliance

Maintain automated compliance against industry standard regulations and benchmarks like PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, and more, as well as custom frameworks.

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Wiz analyzes cloud entitlements and auto-generates least privilege policies across your cloud, to help teams visualize, detect, prioritize, and remediate identity (IAM) risks.

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Wiz is the unified cloud security platform for cloud security and development teams that includes prevention, active detection and response. Use Wiz solution to reduce risk, gain unmatched visibility, accurate prioritization and business agility.

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IaC scanning
IaC scanning

Integrate Wiz into your development workflows to securely manage your infrastructure as code. Detect secrets, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your IaC, containers and VM images.

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siloed tools cost you time

Protecting Your Cloud Environments Requires a Unified, Cloud Native Platform.

Wiz connects to every cloud environment, scans every layer, and covers every aspect of your cloud security - including elements that normally require installing agents. Its comprehensive approach has all of these cloud security solutions built in.

When Wiz says it's critical — it actually is.

Wiz security graph

Block your most critical attack paths and protect your sensitive assets

The Wiz Security Graph provides straightforward, context-driven insights into critical exposure.


See what our users think about Wiz

Wiz helps me sleep better at night.

Mark Stanislav, PhD

There's a really damn good reason they blast off the edges up-and right on quadrants in their space -- it's not even close out there in practice. From documentation, to UX, to feature deployment, to sales, to support, and beyond, the Wiz team is crushing it every day for us and isn't just one of the best vendors I have today, but have ever had.

Mark Stanislav, PhD VP, Security Engineering & GRC
Noah Abrahamson

You never know what the next Log4J is going to be. With Wiz, I can monitor patterns before they get too big to handle. I can review top emerging vulnerabilities, see how many systems we have that may be impacted, and share my findings with our security champions through internal Slack channels to get ahead of threats

Stanford University
Noah AbrahamsonDirector of Cloud Security

Visibility into cloud workloads can be hard, Wiz makes this effortless.

Katherine Wetmur

Multi-cloud enablement is at the heart of our transformation strategy and security is paramount. Wiz helps us visualize our entire cloud environment and drive actionable insights, in minutes. They’ve made cloud security an enabler for Morgan Stanley and helped us break down the barriers between security and development teams.

Morgan Stanley
Katherine WetmurCo-CTO

There was no technology in the industry that could provide the level of detail that Wiz does. It's not just the users getting information in a list of vulnerabilities in the system; Wiz provides that context as well as the prioritization of those vulnerabilities. Now I can see the big picture and the vulnerabilities and threats in one centralized system.

Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific
Michael Johnson Managing Director, Public Sector
Brad Abel

Wiz’s agentless solution was able to get us 100% coverage quickly and at scale. Wiz gives us the contextual view of risks in our environment so we can properly understand and prioritize them based on our knowledge of what’s critical.

Brad AbelEnterprise and Principal Security Architect

Finally a tool that actually gives you the data you need and functional processes.


A "MUST HAVE" Tool in any CISO Stack: Holistic approach, high-quality visibility, reliable and effective. I consider it the most effective tool in my security stack.

JJ McMahon
JJ McMahonEnterprise Security Architect @ Farmers Insurance

Wiz enables us to get more visibility to more teams with more context than we’ve ever had.

Wiz is beyond impressive -- it is a game changer.


Wiz has changed the definition of a fine cloud security tool. I have not seen any cloud security tools capable of doing what wiz does with maximum accuracy. Wiz is straightforward to deploy and presents the findings in a way which makes it really easier for us to focus on severe and critical issues first.

Darcy Boynton

I think Wiz is changing the industry. If you use clouds and you’re scaling, and you don’t have Wiz, you’re in trouble.

Darcy BoyntonManager, Security and Network Operations
Patrick Lafleur, CRISC, CDPSE
Patrick Lafleur, CRISC, CDPSEInformation Security Manager @ Maple

I’ve never posted about a product before, but the amount of visibility Wiz can give you with almost no set up is game changing.

Igor Tsyganskiy

Wiz has paid for the five years subscription in a matter of one week.

Bridgewater Associates
Igor TsyganskiyFormer CSO
Ryan Murphy

Every single person we’ve worked with at Wiz has been helpful, personable, and responsive. Wiz’s team has been invaluable in our success, and the support has been excellent.

Ryan MurphySenior Security Engineer, Schrödinger

Wiz is vital in providing the visibility we need across our hybrid cloud environment. We initially put Wiz up against several of its competitors in our selection process, and Wiz made the decision easy for us to choose.

Wiz provides me as a CISO a clear risk-based view of the product lines and divisions I protect. When I advise security leaders of cloud-native / cloud-reliant companies I implore them to explore Wiz, from my perspective this is a required tool in every CISOs toolkit.


Wiz does everything promised and more.

David Estlick

Wiz gives us visibility across our entire cloud stack and provides deeper and broader context on the risks in our environment to prioritize addressing the issues that matter.

David EstlickCISO
Clement Notin
Clement Notin@cnotin

Sharing research... 👏 ...results 😍 ...methodology Thank you @wiz_io , you rock!

Corey ZanerManager, Cloud Security Architecture @ Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

Wiz is leading the way! Happy customer.

Wiz is allowing our organization to make sense of the highly dynamic and extremely complex multi-cloud environment that is at the base of our infrastructure. Without Wiz, we could never hope to continuously and automatically detect security issues and vulnerabilities as they materialize in our environment.


I am able to prioritize with Wiz with no effort from my part and most importantly I can customize the rules to fit my organization perfectly with unmatched granularity.

Heath Anderson

We were able to get 100+ findings from Wiz within 2 days of deployment, compared to an individual needing 6 months to deliver that type of information. The time to value and saving at least one headcount is a huge ROI for us.

Heath AndersonVP, Information Security & IT

Amazing job @wiz_io First CosmosDB and now PostgreSQL ! 🔥

Quang Vo
Quang Vo@mr_r3bot

ChaosDB vulnerability from @wiz_io team is such an amazing bug, you guys should get more than 100k bounty for this level of severity. Thanks for the clear explanation and the walk through of your researcher mindset. Admirable!!! 👏

New Sheriff in Town: Wiz makes addressing cloud security issues much easier than any other tool I have ever utilized.


I firmly believe that Wiz is worth the hype. The product has given us significantly improved visibility into our cloud security posture - and after only a few conversations/demos, it was clear that Wiz was at least two years ahead of other products in the market (including the native cloud vendor tools!)

Melody Hildebrandt

Wiz strikes the right balance between providing high-level visibility into our whole cloud posture and giving engineers the hands-on capabilities to resolve issues on the ground. Wiz allows us to scale the cybersecurity team's reach through technology.

Melody HildebrandtChief Security Officer
Bilal Omarjee
Bilal OmarjeePrincipal Cloud Architect @ Oracle

Nobody beats the wiz!

One of the best Cloud Security products on the market: Their customer success teams are fantastic and are always very responsive and helpful.


Wiz demonstrates the future of cloud security tools. Wiz avoids the pitfalls of overt complexity, providing a best-in-class security risk management platform that is simple to deploy, easy to navigate and affordable, whilst at the same time providing complete visibility of your cloud technology stack.

Idan Pinto

Seeing the risks and findings mapped to the different certifications in Wiz really helps me focus and prioritize my work.

Idan PintoSecurity Manager
Craig Sayler
Craig SaylerCybersecurity Leadership @ Ontra

The most valued goal for cybersecurity is first frictionless visibility, That one sentence describes Wiz extremely well. Well done Wiz!

Wiz stands on top of the CSPM mountain!


If you have a sizeable cloud presence, you should be considering @wiz_io

In the competitive environment, Wiz has no real competitors. We migrated from first-generation CSPM into wiz with the combined CSPM, CIEM and Vulnerability management and were hugely impressed. The fidelity of the results was a big organizational win and allowed us to prioritize what matters.


Wiz has helped us identify some of the poor practices and approaches we have been taking when using cloud services. Since using wiz, we have been able to address significant concerns, educate our engineering teams on best practices, and take a more secure approach to leverage the cloud for our needs.

Andrew McKenna

What stood out about Wiz for me was it has a very intuitive interface and a really simple dashboard. The fact that it's cloud native and agentless meant we could have it up and running in a matter of minutes and have clear, actionable information

Andrew McKennaCloud Security Architect

Everyone's time is valuable. Don't let your security posture suffer while trying to sort through a spreadsheet export with 3500 rows. Wiz measures risk along multiple dimensions: vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, clear-text secrets, internet exposure, and available script-kiddie exploits to help you zero in on the most important items to resolve immediately.


After using similar systems and leading tools in the market to protect our cloud, we moved to this tool and we can't stop admiring its endless capabilities. It centers several tools under it in an amazingly easy user-friendly and clear way and one of its great pros is that it's agentless. Excellent and available support and perfect documentation.

Erik Hart

Wiz was really the first platform we saw where getting visibility across our entire environment was a one and done set up.

Cushman & Wakefield
Erik HartCISO
Sam Wholley
Sam Wholley Partner @Lightspeed Venture Partners

Wiz is the fastest SaaS company to $100M in ARR and $200M in ARR, and has changed how security intelligence is acted upon with a unique data architecture. When you impress Igor Tsyganskiy, you're doing something very right

Noah Abrahamson
Noah AbrahamsonDirector of Cloud Security @ Stanford University

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss—say, deliberately not checking this week's performance of your retirement account 💸. When it comes to cloud computing ☁️ and protecting Stanford data 🧑🏻‍💻 however, it can be devastating. You just can't not know. Our team will soon be putting powerful tools ⚡️ with actionable insights 🚨 in the hands of our campus cloud technologists. 🌲

Wiz is the clear leader in CNAPP/CSPM


Don't just take our word for it

“ I have not seen anything else right now that can give you as big of an impact as Wiz. ”
Igor TsyganskiyChief Technology OfficerBridgewater Associates

Don't just take our word for it

“ Within a day of deployment, Wiz worked across our entire environment and showed us a set of critical findings that everyone should prioritize immediately. ”
Melody HildebrantCISOFox

Don't just take our word for it

“ I'm a doctor, I take care of people, I was trained in preventative medicine. Wiz is like preventative medicine for us. ”
Alex SteinleitnerPresident & CEOArtisan

Don't just take our word for it

“ This new depth and breadth of visibility really made us pay attention. We were able to scan tenants and find new critical issues very quickly. ”
Alex SchuchmanCISOColgate-Palmolive

Yes, Wiz integrates

Wiz Integration (WIN) platform enables bi-directional sharing of security findings across the cloud security ecosystem to reduce risk, improve efficiency and enable an open cloud security ecosystem.

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our wiz experts are here to help
our wiz experts are here to help
our wiz experts are here to help

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