Boosting efficiency with Wiz's AI-driven remediation steps powered by Amazon Bedrock

Wiz introduces AI-remediation steps powered by Amazon Bedrock to empower customers to remediate risks quickly.

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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way organizations function, improving efficiency by automating tasks that were traditionally manual. We previously introduced Wiz’s AI-powered remediation guidance, which helps organizations improve their time to remediation. Today we're excited to announce our newest GenAI integration with Amazon Bedrock, which enables customers to generate guided remediation steps backed by foundation models (FMs) running on Amazon Bedrock.  

Amazon Bedrock is a fully-managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models via a single API, and a broad set of features developers can use to build generative AI applications that prioritize security, privacy, and responsible AI usage. Using Amazon Bedrock, customers can experiment with and evaluate top FMs and customize those models with their own data or build agents that execute tasks.  

The Wiz and Amazon Bedrock integration enables organizations to further enhance security and improve remediation time by leveraging a choice of powerful foundation models to generate GenAI-powered remediation steps.

Vivek Singh, Senior Manager, Product Management-Tech, AWS AI 

Revolutionizing operations remediation 

One of the major challenges in cloud security is discerning the best way to resolve an identified issue effectively and quickly. Wiz now uses Amazon Bedrock to quickly analyze metadata from Wiz Issues and generate effective remediation recommendations. Wiz Issues detect a combination of risks in your environment by assessing network exposures, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, identities, data, secrets, and malware and providing you with security risk visibility on the Wiz Security Graph. 

With Wiz and Amazon Bedrock, customers can minimize their mean time to remediate (MTTR) by generating easy-to-use, copy-paste remediation steps that can be directly implemented into the tool of their choice, such as CLI, Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi Go and Python, or directly in the cloud environment console.  

Wiz’s AI-generated remediation steps decrease the amount of time security engineers can spend investigating risks, so they can focus on the more time on risk mitigation. It also empowers developers to remediate the risks they own by providing them with exact steps to take. 

Our customers are already experiencing the advantages of our new AI-driven remediation: 

The faster we can remediate security risks, the more we can focus on driving broader strategic initiatives. With Wiz’s AI-powered remediation, we can quickly generate remediation steps that our security team and developers can simply copy-paste to remediate the issue.

Rohit Kohli, Deputy CISO, Genpact   

Get started now with Bedrock-powered remediation steps to quickly remediate risks with easy-to-understand remediation guidance and improve your MTTR. Learn more about it in the Wiz Docs (login required), if prefer a live demo, we would love to connect with you. 

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