BlogDocker and Kubernetes, we have got you covered: Wiz simplifies compliance and security posture management for Docker and Kubernetes environments.

Docker and Kubernetes, we have got you covered: Wiz simplifies compliance and security posture management for Docker and Kubernetes environments.

Ensure that your Docker and Kubernetes environments are secure and compliant with CIS benchmarks. Generate reports quickly and easily and remediate any issues with actionable insights.

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A few months ago, we announced that Wiz is the first agentless cloud security vendor to attain CIS SecureSuite Vendor Certification for cloud-managed Kubernetes. Building on this commitment to secure containerized environments, we are excited to share that we are now expanding our coverage further.  

Today, we are extending our CIS SecureSuite Vendor Certification coverage by being awarded for: 

  • CIS Kubernetes Benchmark v1.7.x, Level 1 + Level 2 

  • CIS Docker Benchmark 1.6.0 - Level 1 + Level 2 

Customers can use the over 100+ host rules and controls, security guidelines, and best practices reflecting CIS recommendations that must be implemented to ensure their Docker and Kubernetes environments are securely configured. 

Extend CIS benchmark to self-managed Kubernetes 

As detailed in our prior blog post, the configuration of Kubernetes can prove intricate, a complexity further magnified when undertaking manual deployment. In fact, overlooking the incorporation of essential security best practices during deployment, as well as throughout the entire cluster lifecycle, can be a common pitfall. This is precisely where Wiz comes into play: facilitating a comprehensive comprehension of your Kubernetes landscapes' security stance. This is achieved through continuous scrutiny of your clusters, actively identifying potential risks in alignment with the CIS benchmark best practices. 

Why is securing Docker a need?

Docker has emerged as a leading containerization platform in today's fast-paced digital landscape, revolutionizing how applications are developed, deployed, and scaled. Developers can deploy new applications in minutes by simply deploying an entirely new infrastructure via their pipeline. However, misconfigurations can easily reach production as developers may not always implement all security best practices and use public virtual machine images.   

This is a challenge for organizations that increasingly rely on Docker environments to power their applications. The need for robust security controls is paramount. One essential way to achieve this is through CIS certification, which provides a standardized security benchmark for Docker containers. 

The CIS Docker Benchmark helps organizations configure their Docker environments securely and implement the latest best practices to reduce the risk of data breaches and other incidents. These benchmarks keep sensitive data safe and secure. In addition, many compliance frameworks such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST require exacting security benchmarks as part of their compliance efforts. This means that by implementing the benchmarks, organizations can meet their cloud compliance obligations and avoid potential fines and penalties.   

Wiz automatically and continuously reviews all the information collected against the CIS benchmarks for Docker environments. The benchmarks consist of a set of built-in checks and configuration rules for the hosts and the container.  Wiz provides a handy overview of the checks passed and compliance posture that can be used for quick assessment.  Additionally, customers can customize the compliance framework to suit their individual requirements.

Once you identify the failing check in your environment, Wiz gives you specific remediation guidance to address it. Now you can quickly respond and ensure the security of their infrastructure without sacrificing agility. 

Stay on top of your Docker and Kubernetes compliance posture 

Wiz will continuously monitor your cloud environment and detect new Docker instances and Kubernetes clusters. This allows us to maintain an up-to-date view of the security risks and compliance status of all your Docker instances, Kubernetes instances and their containers. 

Getting started is easy with a few quick clicks.  On the Compliance > Single Framework page, CIS category names are represented as categories while recommendations are represented as sub-categories. Learn more about how you can use these new compliance capabilities.  Use the Wiz docs (login required) to get started. Have questions, comments, or feedback? Do reach out to Wiz. We love hearing from you. 

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