BlogLet it snow! Wiz and Snowflake join forces to power insights with actionable intelligence

Let it snow! Wiz and Snowflake join forces to power insights with actionable intelligence

Automatically push Wiz-identified cloud security issues to Snowflake to analyze and accurately report on your cloud security metrics.

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Today, we proudly announce an expanded strategic partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. This partnership helps joint customers leverage their Snowflake security data lake to store and analyze Wiz-generated issues and inventory data. Early interest in the integration has included use cases such as incident response, custom security reports, and analysis for business-critical security SLAs.   

Tear down security silos! Unify security issues and data in one place.  

Organizations are rapidly adopting digitization and the cloud to deliver better product experiences for their employees, partners, and customers. However, securing an increasingly complex cloud environment while moving fast is difficult. Legacy point security solutions provide an incomplete view of an organization’s cloud security posture and often generate time-consuming, noisy, shallow alerts for security and developer teams. Developer teams increasingly own cloud infrastructure, while security teams continue to own risk management. To realize the promise of the cloud, organizations need to think beyond traditional cloud security silos. Cloud security teams must be able to report how they are doing on crucial security issues over time, such as the number of outstanding vulnerabilities or how their cloud surface area changes. This visibility will incentivize cross-functional teams to focus on the shared business outcomes of security and agility. 

Wiz and Snowflake: Analyze cloud security metrics overtime 

The new Wiz and Snowflake integration helps organizations connect their existing platforms for cloud security and data analytics to break down security silos and bring together the entire security picture. The new best practice is to collect security event data from  all cloud environments into a central security data lake to store, query, analyze, and report on an organization’s cloud footprint and security issues over time. Organizations can use the Wiz and Snowflake integration for the following use cases:

  • Inventory over time: Get the complete picture of your cloud footprint. Analyze and report on your cloud assets, issues, and vulnerabilities over time. For example, you can analyze the number of storage and compute instances being spun up and down without worrying about retention limits or query performance at scale.   

  • Report: Report on key security metrics (e.g SLA performance) across the CSF categories Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover and see how your teams are progressing. Drill down reporting to specific groups, business units, or projects. Analyze metrics across cloud environments, including AWS, GCP, and Azure. Security teams can easily report on powerful metrics such as the number of outstanding issues per project, gather the number of open vulnerability issues filtered by Wiz project, the percentage of issues older than 30 days and many more.   

  • Investigate: Enrich security investigations by bringing the cloud security context into a central repository. When investigating a suspected breach, it’s essential to have details on what an affected system is and what vulnerabilities it may have had at the time of the initial incident.    

  • Consolidate: Store all your security data for long term storage that might be required for compliance or your security policy. Retention is cost-effective and flexible, with data always “hot” and ready to query.

Wiz and Snowflake have come together to remove the guesswork and shift how cloud security teams operate. Teams can store cloud security data and report on their security metrics over time, thereby enabling them to better respond to threats and reduce their overall risk posture.

Oron Noah, Director of Product Management at Wiz

Leading security teams are embracing the modern data stack as a way to get more value from their existing solutions and resources. With Wiz providing their findings in Snowflake, it’s never been easier to get relevant, actionable insights for everyone involved in protecting cloud infrastructure.

Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake 

The Wiz+Snowflake integration is available today to all customers. Getting started is simple. Joint customers can get started in four easy steps and access different reports, including inventory, vulnerability, and issues reports. All you need is outlined in the Wiz docs (login required). This strategic partnership between Wiz and Snowflake is just the start, the two teams are working closely to help organizations approach cloud security data in innovative ways. Questions? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out and our team will be glad to assist.   

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