dedicated customer support

Expert support for your cloud security journey

Move faster in the cloud with our dedicated customer support plans and experts. We offer two plans for our customers, Base and Premium, to drive the technical and business outcomes that matter most to you.

Wiz Support Plans

Designed to support the cloud security programs of organizations of any size and industry.

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How Fiverr reduced critical vulnerabilities to zero with a collaborative security program?

“Wiz gives us the ability to find the most critical vulnerabilities in our infrastructure to make sure we’re solving for the issues that will have the biggest impact.”
Idan PintoDevSecOps Engineer, Fiverr

How Juniper Networks reduced risk and cloud costs in weeks

“Our Wiz account team is focused on our success. It was thanks to this partnership that we were able to hit zero critical issues in a matter of weeks, while significantly reducing cloud costs, and preventing future issues by scanning in our pipelines prior to deployment.”
James AustinCloud Engineering, Juniper Networks

How esure saw the value of moving faster

“Working with Wiz, as a team, is very collaborative. To be able to get up and running within a couple of weeks was amazing.”
Richard FrostCISO, esure

    We are your strategic advisors, product experts, advocates.

    >30% of our customers have achieved zero critical status, our dedicated customer success plans will support you in this journey.

    Lean on the experts

    Unlock the full potential of our product with personalized guidance and support from our dedicated customer success team. Streamline your implementation process, overcome obstacles, and expedite your time to value.

    Wiz offers 2 plans to support your business:

    Base - Designed for small to mid-sized enterprises.

    Premium - Designed for large enterprises seeking highly tailored, proactive technical engagement.

    Our support team is here to ensure seamless integration, empower your team with in-depth training, and provide ongoing assistance every step of the way. Download the datasheet which details the plans on offer.

    How can I learn more?

    If you are interested in our dedicated customer support plans, please contact your Wiz Account Executive or email to learn more.