Live webinar

What Every CISO Should Know About Dev Teams

Virtual event

Go from friction to flow. Join this webinar to improve how your security and development teams work together to minimize cloud risks. Hear from dev and security leaders as they share their experiences and strategies to bridge the gap between their disciplines. Discover what developers need from security teams and walk away with actionable insights to prepare you for more effective conversations and foster a culture of mutual understanding, including:

  • Gain first-hand insights from experts: Put yourself in a developer’s shoes and understand their top priorities and unique needs 

  • Empower your first line of defense: Recognize the pivotal role of development teams in helping minimize cloud risks. 

  • Discuss cultural shifts: Understand the cultural changes necessary to ensure that development and security teams speak the same language and work towards common goals. 

Register now to transform how your development and security teams work together, creating a resilient and secure cloud environment. 

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  • Caroline Wong


    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Ami Luttwak


    Co-Founder & CTO at Wiz