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Cybersecurity in the Age of AI: Panel Discussion

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Wiz data shows that more than half of organizations are using some sort of AI service — some maybe even without permission from infosec (AKA “Shadow AI”). How does the meteoric rise of this emerging tech impact security teams? How can they use it to their advantage? Does it tip the scales in favor of attackers or defenders?

Watch Anna McAbee, Senior Solutions Architect, Security at AWS, Rami McCarthy, Security Engineer at Figma, and Alon Schindel, Director of Data & Threat Research at Wiz, as they weigh the implications of AI on security, and discuss the best way to use this powerful new technology.

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  • Anna McAbee

    Senior Solutions Architect, Security at AWS

  • Rami McCarthy

    Security Engineer at Figma

  • Alon Schindel

    Director of Data & Threat Research at Wiz

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