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Enabling Rapid Detection & Response to Cloud-Native Attacks with the Wiz Runtime Sensor

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Cloud-native attacks present a challenge infiltrating movement across multiple layers that encompass workloads (containers, VMs, serverless), orchestrator levels (such as K8s), and the cloud control plane. As these threats continue to evolve, organizations seek comprehensive approach that correlates activities across these layers to unveil malicious movement within their cloud environments. This correlation is crucial to establish a seamless detection and response operation.


Join us for a webinar as we unveil how the Wiz Sensor seamlessly integrates within the Cloud Detection and Response landscape. Witness firsthand how this innovative solution empowers organizations to establish a comprehensive defense in-depth cloud security strategy, and how they should prepare their Incident Response (IR) and SOC teams to mitigate cloud threats. We'll delve into real-time threat detection and response capabilities, demonstrating its effectiveness through real-world attack scenarios.


  • Amir Lande Blau

    Product Management

  • Alon Schindel


    Director of Data & Threat Research at Wiz