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Strategic event

Google Cloud Summit Nordics​

Banan Kompaniet, Stockholm, Sweden​

The Google Cloud Summit in Stockholm is focussing on an overarching narrative about sustainable business transformation, security, and smarter use of data in the new era of AI.

Throughout the day there are keynotes, breakout sessions, showcases, and opportunities for partners and leaders to connect and deepdive into topics such as
- Data Cloud
- Open Infrastructure & Application Modernisation
- Secure Cloud & Collaboration Cloud
- Best of Google
- Sustainable Industry Transformation

We are partnering with our customer Pleo to host a Cloud Talk on September 20th at 12:05PM:
"How Pleo made cloud data security at scale frictionless using Wiz"

Successful companies of all sizes are increasingly growing their cloud adoption to take advantage of benefits like lower cost, infinite compute capacity, and faster time to market. Adopting these changes didn’t only change technology; it reshaped our IT organizations. Cloud computing fundamentally changed the way companies deal with development and infrastructure. Now it’s time for security to follow suit and a new Cloud Security operating model.

In this session, Pleo, a spending solution fintech, will share how they leveraged Wiz to gain insight into and improve their data security posture.


  • Fredrik Karbing


    Enterprise Solutions Engineer

  • Sebastiaan Provost


    Staff Security Engineer at Pleo