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Live webinar

Slash risks and boost developer productivity with Wiz's new integration with Terraform Run Tasks

Virtual event

With the move to cloud native application development, developers increasingly use infrastructure as code (IaC) to provision their infrastructure and applications. While IaC brings unprecedented ease and speed to provisioning, it has security implications that must be addressed to reduce risk.

In this webinar you'll learn how combining Wiz with Terraform run tasks can help you reduce risk by:

  • Applying Wiz runtime security learnings earlier into the pipeline for a consistent security approach

  • Enabling developers and cloud teams to integrate security checks within their existing workflows

  • Ensuring that known misconfigurations and policies in Wiz are applied to block the release of infrastructure at risk


  • Swaroop Sham


    Product Marketing at Wiz

  • Armin Mesic

    Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp