Kubernetes Security For Dummies

Implement and run secure container-based applications a whole lot easier.  

Cloud-native applications may not be brand-new but are now the “new normal” and instead can be complex to secure. If your organization is among the many banking on cloud-native applications running in a Kubernetes environment, you need to put security front and center. Containers can be susceptible to vulnerabilities, high complexities, and risks requiring dedicated hardening to keep a secure infrastructure. Discover new approaches to securing your containerized apps and Kubernetes clusters in this user-friendly book. 

What you will find Inside: 

  • The fundamentals of cloud-native environments: Demystify the core principles of containerized applications, their new architecture, and their need for orchestration 

  • Expert advice for securing Kubernetes and container environments: Learn how to secure applications throughout their development lifecycle, from code to runtime 

  • Strategies for keeping your cloud compliant: Understand the interactions between Kubernetes and the cloud, and how to implement best practices and automate controls 

  • Essential functions in a container security solution: What you need to validate first to ensure that the solution meets the security needs of containerized applications 

  • Bonus: 10 Kubernetes security best practices to start implementing today 

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