State of AI in the cloud 2024

In this report, the Wiz Research team explores the explosive adoption of AI services and tools by cloud customers using the major cloud service providers (CSPs). We ask the following questions: 

  • Over 70% of cloud environments are already using AI services, but among these, what percentage are still experimenting with AI versus those who are active users? 

  • Which of the major cloud service providers is leading the way in AI adoption? 

  • Which AI tools are prevalent in cloud environments? 

  • What aspects of using AI services will be critical priorities for businesses in 2024? 

We provide data-based examples that give strong support to the observation that AI is making its way into cloud environments at lightning speed. As with the surge of cloud computing in its early days, AI tooling is infiltrating most businesses, but the necessary standards and governance for using it successfully aren’t always in place. Our analysis points to the idea that AI is already present in many (if not most) cloud environments, and that organizations will need to take careful steps to be successful as they continue to use and adopt new AI tools. 

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