Wiz Overview

Organizations of all sizes and industries use Wiz to rapidly identify and remove the most critical risks in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes.

A revolutionary new approach to cloud security

01. Connect

Agentless scan of cloud configurations and workloads

Wiz uses an agentless approach—a single API connector for AWS, Azure, GCP, or Kubernetes to scan platform configurations and inside every cloud workload.

5-minute agentless deployment

Unlike agents that take months to deploy and only achieve partial coverage, Wiz connects to your cloud environment APIs in minutes, covering all accounts and resources.

Deep scanning of every workload

Wiz’s agentless scanning leverages APIs to cover the entire cloud stack including all architectures—every VM, container, PaaS, and serverless function.

Full cloud and software inventory

Wiz creates a complete inventory of technologies it has discovered for an up-to-date view of every asset in your cloud environment.

02. Analyze

Perform a deep cloud assessment

Wiz analyzes your AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes stack, evaluating your cloud architecture and risk factors.

Traditional analysis found in standalone tools

Wiz analyzes your cloud, performing the same checks found in standalone vulnerability assessment, CSPM, CWPP, and anti-malware tools.

Cloud risk engine

Wiz goes beyond traditional analysis and compiles all settings, compensating controls, and dependencies to other resources to reveal external exposure, effective permissions, exposed secrets, and lateral movement paths.

Wiz threat research

Wiz’s threat research team spearheads research into cloud risks, which are continuously fed into the Wiz platform to expand coverage for novel security risks.

03. Focus

Identify the most critical risks in your cloud

Wiz performs a contextual analysis of cloud risks across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every flavor of Kubernetes using a graph database to identify the toxic combinations that make your cloud susceptible to a breach.

Identify toxic combinations

Wiz represents your entire cloud architecture on a graph database and then layers risk factors to identify the toxic combinations that make your cloud susceptible to a breach.

Visually explore your cloud

Wiz gives you a graphical interface to visualize the different layers of your cloud application architecture, configuration, and risk.

Achieve continuous compliance

Wiz provides hundreds of out-of-the-box checks across dozens of frameworks and benchmarks with an overall compliance score and exportable reports.

04. Harden

Proactively reduce your risk

Wiz delivers a cloud control workflow across AWS, Azure, GCP, and every flavor of Kubernetes to enable security, DevOps, and engineering to focus on the highest risks and proactively harden your cloud environment.

Route issues to the right people

Wiz supports automations that route issues to the right DevOps and development teams to fix, giving them full context of the issue along with recommended remediation steps.

Role-based access for cloud teams

Extend access within Wiz to DevOps and development teams with project-based or role-based access controls so they can view and manage the security risks for their projects directly in Wiz.

Auto-remediate policy violations

Wiz provides the option to directly fix misconfigurations with a single click or an automated rule, with out-of-the-box or custom remediation playbooks.

"Wiz is so powerful that any organization can gain complete full-stack cloud coverage with an accurate and prioritized view of cloud risk in less than a day."

Steve Ward
Chief Information Security Officer