Identify high-risk attack vectors

Until now, cloud security tools have created thousands of low-priority alerts because they lack context. Wiz uses the full context of your cloud and combines this information in a single graph in order to correlate related issues that together create an infiltration vector, giving you actionable information about the highest risks so you can fix what matters most.

Complete Coverage

The first full stack multi-cloud security platform

Depth into the full cloud stack

As soon as you connect Wiz to your cloud environment API, Wiz scans your entire cloud stack, not just the infrastructure layer. Wiz uses a unique technology to scan deep within VMs and containers without needing an agent, analyzing all of your workloads even if a resource isn't online.

Breadth across multiple clouds

You can connect Wiz to all of your cloud environments, whether public cloud like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform or on premises like OpenShift. Wiz also connects to managed container services and your self-managed Kubernetes clusters.

Agentless coverage of everything

Because Wiz scans all the VMs and containers in your cloud environment without the need to deploy an agent, you don't have coverage gaps created by resources without the agent installed. Wiz also covers short-lived resources created on the fly for autoscaling, which agents can't scan.

Wiz Cloud Security Platform Datasheet
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Perform a deep assessment of your cloud environment

Get a complete and up-to-date inventory of all services and software in your cloud environments including the version and package.
Scan for vulnerable and unpatched operating systems, installed software, and code libraries in your workloads prioritized by risk.
Identify all keys located on your workloads cross referenced with the privileges they have in your cloud environment.
See which resources are publicly exposed to the internet based on a full analysis of your cloud network, even those behind multiple hops.
Assess the configuration of cloud infrastructure, Kubernetes, and VM operating systems against your baselines and industry best practices.
Remediation Workflow

Route risks to the right people to fix

Wiz integrates to workflow and service ticket solutions like Jira and ServiceNow so you can create tickets directly from Wiz. You can create automations that will send critical notification alerts to security teams within messaging applications like Slack or via email.

“The instant, out-of-the box visibility and risk reduction Wiz provides make it one of the best security tools I've seen in a long time.”

Emily Heath
Chief Trust and Security Officer

“Wiz is not just a security tool—it’s a new way of looking at cloud security. It’s a new approach that surfaces actionable insights without the noise.”

Anthony Belfiori
Chief Security Officer

Enable cloud security across your organization

Projects let you share role-based access to Wiz's security capabilities across the organization. You can use projects to help align all of the teams working in the cloud to a security baseline. Think of it as a way to get everyone working with a common control framework to drive cloud security practices across teams.

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