Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

Cloud security and development teams need a unified approach to identify and remediate risks and respond to threats in their cloud environments. Wiz is the only agentless, graph-based solution built to scan everything, provide context and prioritization on the most pressing risks, and enable secure practices across the development pipeline and runtime.

Visibility, Prioritization, and Agility – from Build Time to Runtime

Wiz is a revolutionary new approach to cloud security. The only agentless, graph-based CNAPP that provides 100% visibility, ruthless risk prioritization, and time-to-value across teams that build and secure your cloud.

Scan Everything

Connect in minutes, and scale without worries – Wiz leverages unique technology to scan PaaS resources, Virtual Machines, Containers, Serverless Functions, Public buckets, Data Volumes, and Databases to identify the risks in each layer and visualize your cloud stack with the security graph.

Fix What Matters Most

Run an effective cloud security program and ruthlessly prioritize the most critical risks with actionable context. The Wiz Security Graph immediately uncovers the toxic combinations that create attack paths in your cloud and eliminates the need for manual work of sifting through and analyzing siloed alerts.

Build Bridges Across Teams

Ship faster by removing operational silos and enabling development teams to proactively fix and prevent issues across their development lifecycle. Project-based workflows and remediation guidance help remove guesswork and fix misconfigurations or violate security policies fast.

Architecture Matters – Agentless and Graph-Based

Agentless: Wiz deployment leverages a single cloud role to scan your entire cloud environment: PaaS, Virtual Machines, Containers, Serverless functions, Buckets, Data volumes and Databases.

Unified: A single platform, single data layer and a single policy framework to normalize data across clouds and architectures, pipeline and runtime.

Prioritized: A single risk queue that prioritizes what is the best next action for your teams to take, enabling all your teams to collaborate and improve your security and compliance posture.

A single risk queue that prioritizes what is the most critical next step for your teams to take.

Simplify Your Security Stack and Operations

  • Reduce complexity and cost: Wiz enables organizations to reduce the complexity and cost of creating secure, compliant cloud-native apps, while improving their overall risk posture.
  • Consolidate tools: Wiz replaces an array of point-solutions in your cloud security stack with best-of-breed: Cloud security posture management (CSPM), Kubernetes security posture management (KSPM), Cloud Workload Protection tools (CWPP), Vulnerability management, Container and Serverless security, Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) scanning and more.
  • Simplify risk reduction: Eliminate blind spots and remediate the toxic combinations of your most critical risks. Proactively protect your crown jewels with automated attack path analysis and speed up investigation, detection, response, and forensics.
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Stop attack paths targeting cloud data at the source

  • Rapid, agentless visibility into critical data: Scan buckets, data volumes, and databases and quickly classify the data to track what data is located.
  • Continuous detection of critical data exposure: Conduct a deep analysis that automatically correlates data risks with other cloud risks to build a single prioritized queue of attack paths and toxic combinations of risk.
  • Identification of data lineage: Use schema matching to understand data flow and lineage. Detect when data is moved between environments and regions and stored improperly.
  • Automated compliance assessments: Continuously assesses compliance to ensure security standards are consistently enforced.
  • Data exposure prevention: Integrates with the development pipeline to block deployments that violate security policies or introduce risk.
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Immediate Business Value

Unmatched ROI with low TCO for organizations and their teams that build and secure their cloud.

Operational efficiency

Eliminate the overhead of deploying and managing agents. Reduce the manual effort associated with identifying, correlating, and remediating separate risk. Speed remediation across security and development as well as cloud governance and reporting to leadership..

Cost reduction

Reduce the costs of licensing, deployment, integration, training, and support of point-security tooling while leveraging your technology stack to build remediation workflows.

Accelerate the business

Keep your development teams focused on building by eliminating unnecessary work chasing down noise and empowering them to fix issues before they reach production. Improve security workforce efficiency by rapidly identifying the latest threats.

Case Study

Blackstone tackles advanced cloud-native security with Wiz

As Blackstone’s Security team explored cloud security solutions, they realized that to achieve the level of risk-centric security they wanted, they needed to find a tool with a deep understanding of cloud that would help them focus on key areas, not isolated issues. And then they found Wiz.

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