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What is a Reverse Shell Attack?

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A reverse shell attack is a type of cyberattack where a threat actor establishes a connection from a target machine (the victim's) to their machine.

What is an Attack Surface?

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An attack surface is refers to all the potential entry points an attacker could exploit to gain unauthorized access to a system, network, or data.

What is Shadow AI?

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Shadow AI is the unauthorized use or implementation of AI that is not controlled by, or visible to, an organization’s IT department.

Malicious Code Explained

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Malicious code is any software or programming script that exploits software or network vulnerabilities and compromises data integrity.

Shadow Data

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Shadow data is any data that is created, stored, or shared outside of an organization's centralized data management framework and tooling.

Security Misconfigurations

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A security misconfiguration is when incorrect security settings are applied to devices, applications, or data in your infrastructure.

The most common Kubernetes security issues and challenges

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The open-source nature of Kubernetes means that it is continually being updated and improved, which introduces new features and functionalities—as well as new vulnerabilities. Understand the most pressing K8 security challenges.

The top 11 open-source Kubernetes security tools

It’s a good idea to consider a range of Kubernetes security tools. Open source solutions can greatly improve the security of your Kubernetes clusters, so this section explores the top 11 open-source Kubernetes security tools that can help to safeguard your Kubernetes environment.

7 Cloud Security Challenges

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As companies transition to the cloud, they are sure to be confronted with these seven security challenges.

8 All-Too-Common Cloud Vulnerabilities

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We outline the most common cloud vulnerabilities with real-life examples of attacks that exploited these vulnerabilities, and simple steps you can take to mitigate them.

Lateral Movement Explained

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Lateral movement is a cyberattack technique used by threat actors to navigate a network or environment in search of more valuable information after gaining initial access.

Shadow IT Explained

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Shadow IT is an employee’s unauthorized use of IT services, applications, and resources that aren’t controlled by—or visible to—an organization’s IT department.