Announcing the release of the Financial Services Cloud Security Playbook

Wiz presents a comprehensive guide to mastering cloud security at financial services organizations.

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We 're excited to announce the release of "The Financial Services Cloud Security Playbook," a practical guide that aims to aid in transforming and scaling security teams and processes to support cloud development. The playbook is designed to provide strategies and recommendations that financial services organizations can leverage as they migrate towards cloud environments.  

Key highlights

Cloud computing has become integral for businesses across industries due to its numerous benefits, such as cost-efficiency, scalability, and improved accessibility. Financial service institutions are no exception; they see significant advantages in migrating towards cloud services, such as quicker AI-driven consumer application development, enhanced competitive capabilities, increased resilience against disruptions, better alignment with third-party providers, and cost savings. 
The playbook is structured into two main sections: 

  1. Strategies, trends & risks: This section outlines strategies for building an effective cloud foundation; discusses sector-wide trends in cloud service adoption; explores potential risks that financial institutions may encounter during their journey towards the adoption of cloud security. 

  2. Recommendations for building a cloud security foundation: In this section, we provide recommendations on avoiding risks associated with migrating towards a cloud environment; addressing compliance requirements; managing changes due to mergers and acquisitions (M&As); embracing a 'Shift Security Left' approach; delivering modern customer experiences through innovation; and creating 'cyber resilience.' 

Who Can Benefit from this Playbook? 

The Financial Services Cloud Security Playbook is for professionals working within, or associated with, financial institutions planning for digital transformation with security as their foundation. It serves as an insightful resource for anyone involved in managing security teams or processes while transitioning towards a secure cloud environment. 
The criticality of understanding your organization's data integrity and confidentiality when migrating to cloud environments makes this playbook an indispensable asset. It includes everything from current best practices in maintaining data integrity in the Cloud environment to identifying potential risks that may arise during this transition. 
Whether you're new to adopting cloud services or seeking ways to enhance your existing strategies, this playbook provides valuable insights alongside practical guidance. 

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Cloud security is complex yet vital when managing any digital transformation journey within financial services organizations. "The Financial Services Cloud Security Playbook" acts as your definitive guide offering both knowledge depth and practical tips necessary for confidently navigating through this space. 

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