Introducing the Wiz extension: cloud security delivered to your AWS console

Wiz’s new Chrome browser extension brings cloud security to your fingertips and streamlines access to Wiz from your cloud console.

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Today, we are excited to launch the Wiz Extension — an innovative browser extension that provides a cloud security overlay in your cloud console. The extension is designed to make monitoring cloud security using Wiz easy, streamlined, and more democratic while reducing the need to jump between tabs and consoles. 

From tab tsunami to tab tranquility  

Managing security in the cloud is often an exercise of jumping between the tabs of your cloud service provider dashboard (CSP) and your cloud security dashboard, disrupting an infrastructure owner’s workflow and ultimately reducing productivity and slowing down response. Integrating security directly into the user's workflow for cloud security is crucial as it preserves context without disrupting productivity. By embedding security into familiar interfaces, users can swiftly address risks, maintain focus on their core tasks, and improve their overall security posture.

Introducing the Wiz extension– cloud security delivered to your AWS Console 

The Wiz extension is designed to make managing cloud security feel like magic. Integrated directly on top of the AWS console, infrastructure owners get quick cloud security insights in line with their existing workflows, so the secure path is the easiest path Maintain security context as a user's workflow zooms into a specific resource or zooms out. If further investigation is needed, we've got that covered. Click on the extension bar to quickly jump into the Wiz dashboard to continue investigating.

Not only is the Chrome extension the cloud security sidekick to help swifty address cloud security risks but it is designed to be efficiently embedded into a user’s existing workflow, monitor major cloud resources (such as VMs, storage buckets, Kubernetes clusters, and Serverless functions), and is easy to install and use. This streamlined experience enables a strong security posture and enables efficiency in managing the security of a cloud resource.   

With the Wiz extension, we're not just enhancing cloud security; we're revolutionizing your workflow. It's not just a tool; it's the magic touch that transforms the way you experience the cloud — delivering security insights directly to your cloud portal. Effortless. Efficient. Elevate your cloud experience.

Oron Noah, Director of Product Management, Wiz

Impressed? We'd love for you to take it for a spin. The Chrome extension is available in the Chrome store today for AWS. You can also view our docs (login required) or the Wiz integration catalogue to experience magic. 

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