BlogRaftt is Now Part of Wiz! Together We Are Empowering Developers.

Raftt is Now Part of Wiz! Together We Are Empowering Developers.

Wiz is committed to building a solution that security and development teams want. With the acquisition of Raftt, we’re gaining velocity on that journey.

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The end of the year is a time for reflection, and this one has been marked by many milestones. It started with Wiz becoming the world’s largest cyber unicorn. We were the biggest mover on the Forbes Cloud 100, alongside Open AI. Wiz now has the privilege of saying we work with more than 40% of the Fortune 100, and most importantly you, our customers, voted us the #1 CNAPP

And the year isn’t over yet. Today I am excited to welcome to the team our newest wizards – from Raftt.  

Raftt breathes #developerlife, and they provide a best-in-class cloud-native platform for developer collaboration. Wiz has always been committed to building a solution that both security and development teams want. With the acquisition of Raftt, we’re gaining velocity on that journey.   

The Wiz platform is constantly expanding to prevent costly production issues and better secure cloud environments from code to runtime. Just last week we launched new capabilities that enable agile, secure cloud development, including code scanning, image integrity, cloud to code remediation, and in-cloud SBOM. Here is how Wiz customer Priceline described the benefits this unlocks:  

With Priceline’s large cloud footprint, we want to address systemic issues, ensure our code is secure at build time, and protect our software supply chain. Wiz enabled us to maintain security while shifting left; we have the necessary guardrails in place that give developers autonomy to deploy securely, saving time for both security and dev teams. This has made security into a business enabler, and it’s helped us maintain a frictionless relationship with our teammates in development.

~ Andrew McKenna, Cloud Security Architect, Priceline

 When launching the company, we spoke to dozens of CISOs daily and saw the pain of friction with their developer counterparts. To many of these business leaders, secure cloud development felt like an oxymoron.  

Ever since then, earning developer love has been a Wiz mandate. In doing this, we make everyone’s lives easier: our security champions, who love Wiz for giving them a simplified view of risk that is enriched with context. Their developer colleagues, who deserve to be supported in their mission to build fast, unencumbered by a laundry list of endless fixes. And the business itself, which is able to consolidate technology solutions into a single platform for total visibility.  

Today, more than 50% of Wiz users sit outside the security function. Across our customer base I see many amazing examples of the new cloud operating model in full effect, where infosec teams partner with stakeholders across the company to democratize security and make risk reduction a shared, attainable goal. That’s exactly the problem we set out to solve when Wiz launched.  

And we’re not done.  

Customer obsession means solving their needs today and tomorrow. Wiz will always evolve and continue to bolster our offering for cloud and Kubernetes developers. Without developer love, no cloud security program can make magic.  

To our customers, partners, and investors: Today’s news is part of our never-ending quest to deliver a world-class product backed by new ideas and one-of-a-kind capabilities.   

To the Raftt team: This acquisition is a first for us both. For us at Wiz, we couldn’t be more excited! Welcome home 💙


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