BlogWiz Ranked #1 CNAPP and CSPM by G2

Wiz Ranked #1 CNAPP and CSPM by G2

Wiz was named the leader in two Summer 2024 Grid Reports, based on independent customer reviews.

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At Wiz, we love to celebrate milestones, but no recognition is more meaningful than the ones that are rooted in customer love. Everything we do is for our customers, and so to be the top-ranked CSPM and CNAPP on peer reviews site G2 for the sixth consecutive quarter ... well, we’re almost at a loss for words. 

In this blog, we’ll revisit what reviewers wrote about Wiz, because that feedback contains insight into the business value CNAPP and CSPM can deliver. We’ll also share G2’s definition of these two technology categories to better clarify how products were evaluated and ranked in the Grid Reports.  

What exactly does it mean to be “top ranked”? 

For starters, it means that not only is Wiz in the leaders quadrant, with substantial market presence, but that users also gave us the highest satisfaction scores out of all the vendors that play in this space.  

Thank you to the many individuals who took time out of your busy day to leave us feedback. Reading your kind words and hearing about your positive experiences with Wiz means the world to us – and, if anything, makes us even more committed to helping solve your most pressing cloud security challenges, both today and in the future.  

How does G2 define CNAPP and CSPM?  

In a nutshell, G2 defines a Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) as a solution that secures cloud-native applications throughout their development cycle, from initial development to production.  

Wiz is a very easy and simple to set-up CNAPP that allows people to have a centralized, easy to use and intuitive platform for all their cloud security needs. It has a wide range of graphs and dashboards .... For a small team like mine, it is very simple and fast to check the highest priority issues and remediate them.

G2 Reviewer (quote has been edited for clarity)

 The CNAPP grid features 13 vendors. All included products had to do the following: 

  • Monitor cloud applications and infrastructure for misconfigurations and incorrect enforcement of security policies and provide remediation 

  • Secure virtual machines, containers, and cloud infrastructure in hybrid, public, and private cloud environments during runtime 

  • Monitor public clouds to identify access breaches continuously 

  • Protect cloud systems from unauthorized use through identity management and access control 

  • Assess security risks and ensure compliance with cloud security policies 

G2 defines cloud security posture management (CSPM) as a subset of CNAPP that focuses on securing cloud environments by monitoring applications, services, containers, and infrastructure to detect and remediate misconfigurations.  

Wiz provides me clear and complete visibility of our cloud security posture [and] helps with inventory and discovery of all cloud assets. Wiz discovered issues and secrets in places I never thought we had. Wiz helps me to prioritize the issues we have by illustrating the impact or the attack path so [we] can understand the risk. [It] helps assign the task by having a remediation suggestion in place ... On the other hand, when an issue detected is a 'non-issue' it is very easy to configure the rules to filter out exactly what is considered 'by-design' to reduce noise.

G2 Reviewer (quote has been edited for clarity)

This was the more crowded of the 2 grids, with 20 vendors in total. All products had to do the following:  

  • Facilitate the automated detection and remediation of cloud misconfigurations 

  • Monitor security policies and configurations across infrastructure, applications, and other cloud environments 

  • Visualize cloud infrastructure in a single-pane-of-glass view 

  • Monitor for other issues relating to cloud compliance, infrastructure as code, and other potential security gaps 


Being recognized as the highest placed leader in G2’s Summer Grid Report for both CNAPP and CSPM is an honor. To our most excellent customers: Your feedback is invaluable to us at Wiz; it inspires us to continually improve and innovate. We're deeply grateful for your trust and look forward to continuing to support you on your cloud security journey. Thank you! 

Read the G2 CSPM Summer Grid Report.  

Read the G2 CNAPP Summer Grid Report.  


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