CROC News: Automotive Code Leak & Midnight Blizzard's Heist

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Season 2 of "CRYING OUT CLOUD" is here!

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Here's a sneak peek into the season's opening:

🚗 Mercedes-Benz Source Code Exposure: A public GitHub Repo was exposed - allowing unauthorized access to the company's internal servers, including AWS and Azure subscriptions. The credentials remained publicly accessible for 3-4 months. 😱

🌨️ Midnight Blizzard Hits Microsoft: Russian actors (Midnight Blizzard) got into Microsoft's network and stole employee emails, finding a misconfigured account with a weak password. Among other things, they tried to find out what Microsoft knew about their activity.

🔐 Ivanti Vulnerabilities: Ivanti's VPN products exposed vulnerabilities, allowing remote code execution and authentication bypass, exploited by a Chinese Threat Actor.

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