Zero critical club

Celebrating Teamwork & Cloud Security Excellence

At Wiz, we celebrate our customers' accomplishment of reaching 0 Critical Issues in their cloud setups through the Zero Critical Club. This exclusive club is a great way to celebrate magical teamwork.

The Journey to Secure the Cloud

Discover how our customers have done it and made it to the Zero Critical Club

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Idan Pinto

How Fiverr reduced critical vulnerabilities to zero with a collaborative security program?

Used Wiz with DevOps project management tools to prioritize risk and view security findings at a high level.

integrated monitoring and discovery into DevOps workflows, enabling security without slowing organizational progress

“Wiz gives us the ability to find the most critical vulnerabilities in our infrastructure to make sure we’re solving for the issues that will have the biggest impact.”
Idan Pinto
Idan PintoDevSecOps Engineer, Fiverr
Tiago Bernardinelli

How Digibee created a unified cloud security program & overcame barriers to rapid growth?

Used Wiz to create an agentless solution for quick risk identification and better cloud environment monitoring.

Established efficient remediation of vulnerabilities, leading to “zero critical” status

“Wiz is like my right arm. It puts the data in context and helps our engineers prioritize and understand what they need to do.”
Tiago Bernardinelli
Tiago BernardinelliHead of Cloud Engineering & Global Operations, Digibee

    Making Magic Happen

    Our Customer Success Managers play a pivotal role. They work closely with customers, guiding them through Critical Views to spot and solve those standout personalized areas—what we call Critical Issues.

    Teamwork Wins, Time
to Party With Us!

    When a customer reaches this stage, it's a testament to the collective effort between the customer's team, including their keys and security personnel, and Wiz.

    The CSMs then invite them to join the Zero Critical Club, recognizing the hard work of the entire team. This exclusive recognition isn't just about software—it's a testament to teamwork and dedication.

    Celebrating Your Success

    To honor this achievement of great teamwork, we've curated a celebration! Each member of the Zero Critical Club receives a ‘Wiz Swag’ package filled with tokens of appreciation and recognition.