BlogWelcome to the Zero Critical Club: celebrating flawless cloud security with Wiz

Welcome to the Zero Critical Club: celebrating flawless cloud security with Wiz

Introducing the "Zero Critical Club" — a growing group of Wiz customers who've achieved the extraordinary feat of having zero critical issues in their environments.

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Welcome to the Zero Critical Club: Celebrating Flawless Cloud Security with Wiz 

In the business of cloud computing, achieving a state of perfect security is almost like scaling a digital mountain summit. It requires not only technical acumen and careful planning, but also a relentless commitment to best practices in cloud security. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the Zero Critical Club — a prestigious group of Wiz customers who have achieved the extraordinary feat of having zero critical issues in their cloud environments. 

The Journey to Zero Critical Status 

Reaching the status of “zero critical issues” in cloud security is not a simple task. It involves comprehensive risk assessment, the implementation of robust security policies, and continuous environment monitoring. Reaching Zero Critical status means that there are no outstanding critical cloud misconfigurations, compliance violations, or vulnerabilities across the organization’s production environment. The members of the Zero Critical Club have excelled in various aspects of cloud security, from enforcing strict access control to ensuring compliance with industry standards. 

How our customers made it to the Zero Critical Club 

Here’s a look at how two Wiz customers on the cloud security journey joined the Zero Critical Club: 

  • Fiverr achieved zero critical status by helping its security and DevOps teams to set measurable security goals and integrate security workflows into daily operations without disruptions. They connected Wiz to DevOps project management tools to prioritize risks and get a holistic view of security findings. This way, Fiverr could operationalize vulnerability remediation by putting monitoring and discovery into DevOps workflows. Integrating security tools enabled them to quickly address priority risks, leading to the elimination of critical vulnerabilities. Fiverr's focus on building trust within teams, and using Wiz to streamline security management, created a culture where security supports organizational progress. 

  • Digibee successfully created a unified cloud security program and overcame barriers to rapid growth by consolidating its security tools and enhancing visibility across its cloud environment. They faced challenges in achieving full visibility with a disconnected set of security tools and struggled with the complexity of maintaining regulatory compliance. With Wiz, Digibee enabled an agentless solution for quick risk identification, streamlined compliance reporting, and better monitoring of its entire cloud environment. This enabled Digibee to identify and remediate vulnerabilities efficiently, including critical PCI data storage issues, leading to "zero-critical" status. 

Reaching the Zero Critical milestone 

Achieving zero critical issues is a testament to the dedication and ability of our customers. To honor this significant accomplishment, we've curated a special celebration for the Zero Critical Club members. How do we acknowledge these Zero-Critical champions?  

  • Celebratory Email: When an organization reaches the Zero Critical Issues milestone, Wiz delivers a personalized celebratory email acknowledging their accomplishment. It's how we express our heartfelt congratulations and share the excitement of their Zero Critical status. 

  • Official Magical Certificate: A unique and memorable emblem of their success, tailor-made for each customer. 

Join the Celebration! 

The Zero Critical Club is more than just a recognition program. It symbolizes the collaborative spirit between our customers and our team at Wiz. It's a testament to the hard work, diligence, and commitment invested in supporting impeccable cloud environments. We invite you to join us in celebrating this incredible success and aspire to be a part of this exclusive club, where flawless cloud security is not just a goal but a reality. 

The Zero Critical Club is a benchmark of excellence in cloud security. Are you ready to be a part of this elite group? Contact us at Wiz to learn more about how we can help you achieve and maintain zero critical issues in your cloud environment. Join the club where excellence in cloud security is celebrated!

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