Avigayil Mechtinger

I know what you mined last summer: summarizing Summer '23 cryptomining activity

During the summer of 2023, using the Wiz Sensor, Wiz Research detected several different cryptomining campaigns targeting cloud workloads. Learn about these campaigns and their associated IoCs, and how to detect and prevent similar threats.

PyLoose: Python-based fileless malware targets cloud workloads to deliver cryptominer

PyLoose is a newly discovered Python-based fileless malware targeting cloud workloads. Get a breakdown of how the attack unfolds and the steps to mitigate it.

Linux rootkits explained – Part 1: Dynamic linker hijacking

Dynamic linker hijacking via LD_PRELOAD is a Linux rootkit technique utilized by different threat actors in the wild. In part one of this series on Linux rootkits, we discuss this threat and explain how to detect it.

Intro to forensics in the cloud: A container was compromised. What’s next?

Learn what tools and data sources you need to use in cloud forensics investigation and how they come into practice in a real-life example.