Announcing the release of “Google Cloud Security Foundations for Dummies”

We’re excited to announce the release of a comprehensive guide to mastering Google Cloud Security.

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Cloud computing has shifted the digital paradigm from an on-premises environment to a globally distributed network of resources that can be accessed on demand. This shift, while beneficial, brings a new set of challenges in terms of security. To help address these challenges, Wiz brings you “Google Cloud Security Foundations for Dummies” — a comprehensive guide that offers valuable information and strategies for securing Google Cloud environments. 

Key Insights 

When deploying cloud-native applications in a Google Cloud environment, prioritizing security is paramount. This book explores the core aspects of Google Cloud security, including the following key insights: 
Understanding Cloud Computing. The introduction provides a detailed understanding of cloud computing, its origins, and evolution. It explains how the shift from physical to virtual to cloud has brought about changes in the way computing workloads are handled, with a focus on Google Cloud. 
Defining Google Cloud. Next is an informed overview of Google Cloud and its various services. It explains how Google Cloud operates globally and offers services to meet diverse computing needs of its clientele. 
Introducing Google Cloud Security. An introduction for readers on Google Cloud's approach to security, which involves shared responsibility. This section details how Google secures its data centers and infrastructure while emphasizing the client's role in securing their applications. 
Architecting Cloud Security Solutions. This section examines several key architectural components related to Google Cloud that help to enhance security. It discusses concepts like defense in depth, zero trust, multilayered security, secure by default, and compliance maintenance. 
Best Practices for Google Cloud Security. The guide concludes with a list of best practices for Google Cloud security. These range from establishing a chain of trust and reducing noise to decreasing remediation efforts and reducing costs. 

The guide concludes with a list of best practices for Google Cloud security. These are based on using a CNAPP solution in conjunction with native tools, and enable a chain of trust to be established, noise to be reduced, remediation efforts to be minimized and costs to be cut. 

Who can benefit from these insights? 

"Google Cloud Security Foundations For Dummies" is an excellent resource for IT administrators, security specialists, DevOps engineers, and anyone responsible for managing and securing Google Cloud environments. Whether you're new to Google Cloud or looking to enhance your current security practices, this book provides valuable insights. 

Let this book be your trusted resource 

Google Cloud security is complex, but it represents a critical business resource. You can use "Google Cloud Security Foundations For Dummies" as your go-to guide for comprehensive information and practical tips to navigate Google Cloud security. The information and strategies outlined in the guide will help you strengthen your deployments and build more secure, compliant, and efficient Google Cloud environments. 

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