BlogSecure non-human identities with Wiz’s newest CIEM dashboard

Secure non-human identities with Wiz’s newest CIEM dashboard

Gain visibility into non-human identities in your environment and protect against risky service accounts with the new Non-Human Identities Dashboard.

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Many organizations think of their IAM users when implementing their cloud identity and entitlement strategy. However, to effectively use the cloud you need to trust non-human identities, such as machines and other services, to perform necessary tasks and access specific data in your environment. Such identities include service accounts used by applications, services, and third-party vendors.

For example, Wiz uses a service account in your cloud environment to provide CNAPP security capabilities. Other non-human identities include serverless functions that need an identity associated to perform the task assigned, or data stores and machines. As organizations go through digital transformation, they often adopt more tools and automation practices to grow their cloud environment. This results in the exponential growth of non-human identities, and it becomes challenging to manage and secure them at scale. Security teams often lack visibility into where those identities even exist, let alone monitor them in a multi-cloud and evolving environment. 

In recent years, there has been a consistent rise in supply chain attacks that exploit access granted to third-party apps and services. These attacks act as a concealed gateway to compromise a company's valuable assets. Inadequate security measures for non-human identities pose significant risks: a breach in one of these identities can serve as a gateway into your cloud environment, potentially leading to dangerous exposure. The Wiz Research team found that 42% of organizations have a non-human identity that belongs to a machine in their environment that has high privileges, is exposed to the internet, and has a vulnerability. This means it can enable an attacker to move laterally in the environment. 

Introducing the new Non-Human Identities Dashboard

Organizations wanting to secure their cloud identities against such risks adopt a CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) tool into their cloud security strategy to help them follow IAM security best practices and proactively remove identity risks. With the rise in non-human identities, it is important for a comprehensive CIEM solution to provide full support not only for user identities, but also for non-human ones. Today, we are excited to launch Wiz’s new Non-Human Identities Dashboard, providing customers visibility into their non-human identities with a holistic view into identity-related risks.

The dashboard makes it easy for security teams to quickly identify the non-human identities in their environment. They can also quickly detect risky service accounts, such as service accounts with admin or high privileges. Furthermore, to ensure that you're meeting your local regulatory requirements, Wiz detects service account activity in your environment and creates a visualization map representing all activity by country. The dashboard provides exact prioritization of non-human identity risks to allow security teams to quickly focus on the most critical. This also helps teams running in multi-cloud environments to bridge the skill gap needed to understand IAM across the different clouds and allow any security engineer or developer to understand multi-cloud IAM risks without becoming an expert in each cloud. 

Wiz combines visibility into non-human identities with the power of our attack path analysis to provide customers with the ability to detect risky service accounts, particularly those that can access sensitive data in your environment. The dashboard also helps you identify accounts that can lead to lateral movement paths and escalate to other roles in your environment. For example, Wiz can detect a service account that can be assumed by all users and has access to sensitive data, allowing an attacker to abuse the role and reach your sensitive data. 

Start protecting your non-human identities with Wiz now to gain consistent visibility into your environment and stay ahead of identity risks. Learn more Wiz’s CIEM in the docs (login required). If you prefer a live demo, we would love to connect with you. 

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