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Wiz at Re:Invent 2023

See what’s new with Wiz at Re:Invent 2023 and learn about how Wiz and AWS continue to strengthen their strategic partnership, keeping AWS customers’ environments secure.

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Re:Invent ‘23 was jam-packed with product releases (and a new Chrome extension!), new AWS integrations, donuts, speaking sessions, a diner-themed booth, awards, and tons of swag!  In a week full of show-stopping moments, it’s impossible to choose a favorite — but if we had to pick, seeing our CEO Assaf Rappaport on the mainstage alongside Amazon CISO Chris Betz would certainly be up there. More on that later…   

We were thrilled to be highlighted during the opening keynote given by Adam Selipsky, AWS CEO:

The vast majority of unicorns, over 80%, choose AWS. Like Wiz, a cloud security company, and great AWS partner. Wiz is the world’s largest cybersecurity unicorn and fastest SaaS company to reach a $10 Billion valuation.

Adam Selipsky, AWS CEO

We also had an amazing session lead by our co-founder and VP of Product, Yinon Costica: Future-proofing cloud security: A new operating model. In this session, Yinon revealed a new operating model for cloud security that helps organizations move faster in the cloud while staying secure. Yinon was joined on stage by two Wiz customers, Hearst and Pfizer, for an interesting fireside chat about their cloud security journey. 

We’re excited to share the big news from re:Invent and newly-released innovative capabilities for AWS customers: 


Wiz named EMEA Marketplace Partner of the year 

Wiz is excited to announce that we have been named an AWS Marketplace Partner of the year in EMEA for 2023. This recognition is part of the 2023 Regional and Global AWS Partner Awards, which recognize the top global AWS Marketplace Partners with significant AWS Marketplace transactions throughout the year. We're thrilled to be recognized with this award, and we look forward to continuing our work with AWS to help customers build scalable and predictable security workflows.   

Introducing the Wiz Extension 

We are thrilled for the recent launch of the Wiz Extension, which delivers cloud security to your AWS console. The Wiz extension is an innovative browser extension that provides a cloud security overlay directly in the AWS console, making it easy to monitor AWS security using Wiz. The extension reduces the need to jump between tabs and consoles and provides a single pane of glass that streamlines security. This streamlined experience enables a strong security posture and improved efficiency in managing the security of a cloud resource.    

“With the Wiz extension, we're not just enhancing cloud security; we're revolutionizing your workflow. It's not just a tool; it's the magic touch that transforms the way you experience the cloud — where cloud security is at your fingertips. Effortless. Efficient. Elevate your cloud experience” - Oron Noah, Director Product Management, Wiz. 

AWS Built-in Competency launch partner 

AWS announced the launch of AWS Built-in Competency with Wiz as a launch partner. The Built-in Competency highlights partner software solutions that integrate automatically with AWS foundational services, helping customers decrease risk, reduce operational overhead, and provide consistent observability in their cloud environments. The Wiz built-in solution is available on the AWS Marketplace and was validated and co-engineered by expert AWS Solutions Architects.  

New integration with GuardDuty ECS runtime findings 

AWS announced new Amazon GuardDuty ECS Runtime Monitoring, an expansion of Amazon GuardDuty that introduces runtime threat detection for Amazon ECS workloads — including workloads running on AWS Fargate. Wiz now integrates with the new GuardDuty ECS runtime findings, ingesting findings into Wiz to enable AWS customers to investigate runtime ECS findings with context on the Wiz Security Graph. 

Wiz named Israel ISV Partner of the Year 

We are excited to be awarded AWS Israel ISV Partner of the Year. The award acknowledges Wiz as a top AWS Partner for playing a vital role in accelerating customers’ cloud transformation journeys. We look forward to continuing our partnership and collaboration with AWS. 

Wiz Secure Cloud Development launch 

Wiz announced new capabilities to help organizations secure the cloud software development process and speed up the resolution of issues. As part of the Wiz Secure Cloud Development release, we introduced the ability to scan code repositories, trace risks back to code, provide in-code remediation guidance, validate image integrity, and secure supply chains with SBOM visibility. Wiz empowers developers to scan everything, everywhere, all at once, and ensure everything deployed to production meets security baselines. 

Last but not least: Assaf Rappaport Sharing the Stage with AWS CISO 

As I’ve met with Amazonians and customers, this conversation about talent, Generative AI, and innovation continues to come up.

Chris Betz, CISO, AWS

Assaf, Wiz CEO, and Chris Betz, AWS CISO, have a professional history that spans over a decade. Together, they discussed a variety of topics related to cloud security, and shared strategies for overcoming common challenges. Their conversation touched on everything from the evolving security landscape to the growing talent gap, the impact of generative AI, examples of real-world innovation, builder vs.  defender mindsets, and the ways in which AI adoption echoes the early days of cloud adoption.  

To learn more about Wiz, visit us in the AWS Marketplace or sign up for a live demo to see how Wiz can secure your AWS environment. 

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