BlogWiz now integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, bringing a graph-based cloud security approach to all major providers

Wiz now integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, bringing a graph-based cloud security approach to all major providers

Fortune 500’s Avery Dennison among enterprises that operate securely on OCI and other cloud infrastructure with Wiz

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Today, we’re excited to share that Wiz is available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and can be integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), making Wiz one of the first cloud native application protection platforms (CNAPP) for agentless, API-based security assessment of OCI workloads. With this announcement, customers can rapidly deploy Wiz on OCI to identify, prioritize and remove the most critical risks across their cloud environment.

Wiz adds OCI to its existing support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, another step toward letting organizations develop products rapidly while staying secure, across any cloud platform they choose to use, all from a single unified console.

Wiz was built to provide a holistic, developer-ready approach to cloud security that combines cloud security posture management (CSPM), vulnerability management, malware scanning, cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM), container security, and more. Wiz vastly simplifies how organizations embed security into development workflows. By correlating the entire security stack via a graph database, Wiz surfaces prioritized toxic combinations (i.e., the real risks) for development teams to fix. Combined with an architecture agnostic (VMs, containers, or functions) risk engine and a unified policy framework, Wiz breaks down the operational silos caused by fragmented approaches - and fosters collaboration between development and security teams.

Wiz Security Graph visualization of an infected resource in OCI environment

Avery Dennison operates securely on OCI, entire cloud estate with Wiz

One organization that uses both Wiz and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is Avery Dennison, a Fortune 500 global material science company. The company recently began expanding its labeling and functional materials business to digital products and needed to enable developers to build those products fast and securely. Wiz was deployed to support this shift and give its security team visibility across multiple clouds and technologies that could be used across teams internally, without disruption.  

As Avery Dennison Information Security Officer Jeremy Smith told our team shortly after rolling out Wiz,

Our developers no longer see security issues as coming from the security team, but rather something they’ve done that needs fixing. Wiz gives our development teams the context and guidance they need to remediate issues and automatically route them in the tools that are already part of their workflow. It empowers our developers and frees up the security team’s time as well.

Jeremy Smith
Information Security Officer, Avery Dennison

Wiz and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a high-performing, resilient foundation for cloud services. Wiz helps support OCI’s commercial cloud regions globally.

"Modern software is making customer experiences more personal and convenient across a range of industries,” said Eran Feigenbaum, senior vice president and Israel country manager at Oracle. “Wiz and Oracle Cloud together let organizations build faster, better connect their security and development teams, and ultimately deliver greater value to their customers.”

Wiz has received Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Benchmark v1.2.0 (Levels 1 and 2) certification from the Center of Internet Security (CIS).

The Wiz Security Graph

Visit the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for more information.

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