The magic of inclusion: Wiz’s journey to democratize cloud security

Empowering every cloud security stakeholder by eliminating barriers.

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At Wiz, our mission is clear: democratize cloud security. What do we mean by this? We’ve previously defined democratization as a way to incorporate security seamlessly into everyone’s role. That means making all stakeholders feel empowered, which can’t happen if an individual doesn’t feel respected or included. Everyone should have access to robust security solutions, regardless of background, language, or abilities. Approximately 15% of the global population lives with accessibility challenges. This includes people with significant vision impairments, hearing loss, and difficulty moving, speaking, and learning. Furthermore, this statistic doesn't include those with age-related health issues. Navigating the internet can be a markedly different experience for these individuals. The latest WebAIM Million study found that only 3.2% of the world’s top 1 million website homepages are WCAG 2.1 and level 2 compliant. Making digital services more accessible is not just a business and legal requirement; it is the right thing to do.    

The challenge of accessibility and a personal connection 

Imagine trying to perform a critical security task, only to find that you can’t—not because you don’t know how, but because it is inaccessible to you. Perhaps you’re not a native English speaker, or maybe a disability limits your interaction with the portal. Digital accessibility must be woven into Wiz’s platform so that no one is prevented from contributing to collective security efforts. 

My own journey starts with this commitment to inclusivity. Growing up in a school that integrated children with visual perception disorders, I witnessed firsthand the power of inclusion. Our environment championed aids and adaptations, ensuring that every student could participate fully, regardless of their ability. Notably, these students didn’t merely contribute—they enriched everyone’s perspectives. Their unique outlooks shaped how others understood and interacted with the world; I still carry the positive impact of this experience.

Accessibility and language support at Wiz 

 At Wiz, we aspire to embrace every voice. Today, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (May 16th), we celebrate our focus on product accessibility and continue our mission to create a world where every cloud security stakeholder can access Wiz no matter their community affiliation.

The Wiz approach is founded on a few fundamental principles. First, accessibility is integral to our design and engineering processes, ensuring all stakeholders can engage fully in the cloud security journey. Second, we recognize that disabilities vary widely, even among individuals who, on paper, might have the same access needs. As a result, Wiz is built for multiple accessibility challenges, such as those related to color perception, hearing, vision, and motor skills. Third, we embrace open standards and templates that enable seamless interoperability. As an organization that continually strives to comply with WCAG 2.2AA, our commitment to innovation for accessibility is strong and we work to introduce new features and languages to support this goal. Recently, we added support for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.  

Accessibility support in security products is crucial. It ensures that all users, including those with disabilities, can fully engage with and benefit from the product. For businesses, embracing accessibility widens the customer base, enhances user satisfaction, and fosters a positive brand image, not to mention aligns with legal and business standards. We invite our industry peers to join us in this cause. Let’s collectively champion accessibility and truly democratize security. Together, we can ensure that no one is left behind, and our cloud remains a welcoming safe haven for all.  

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