BlogWiz and AWS CloudTrail Lake: Cloud security and compliance posture audits made easy

Wiz and AWS CloudTrail Lake: Cloud security and compliance posture audits made easy

Simplify and centralize security and compliance management by sending audit-worthy events from Wiz into AWS CloudTrail Lake.

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Today, we are excited to announce the integration between Wiz and AWS CloudTrail Lake. This integration enables mutual customers of Wiz and CloudTrail Lake to send audit-worthy events from Wiz to CloudTrail Lake, store them for an extended period, and query them as needed. Organizations can leverage stored events for compliance management or security investigations. 

CloudTrail Lake is a managed security and audit data lake that lets organizations aggregate, immutably store, and query events recorded by  CloudTrail. Now - AWS CloudTrail Lake supports ingesting activity logs from Wiz – and is backed by a 7-year default retention policy to help you meet compliance requirements. Our customers can now simplify and streamline the process of consolidating activity data as a result of this integration.

Balyasny Asset Management relies heavily on data and technology as part of our investment process. We rely on Wiz and AWS CloudTrail Lake to strengthen the security of our cloud infrastructure and simplify our compliance processes so we can continue to innovate quickly.

Matt Adorjan, Platform Engineering Manager at Balyasny Asset Manager

Wiz Audit logs – See who did what, when  

Leading organizations trust Wiz’s cloud infrastructure security platform to scan, assess and prioritize critical cloud security risks. Wiz’s audit logs allow customers to view the history of all actions performed within a Wiz account so they know who made changes to the system and when. Keeping a record of these audit logs is crucial for compliance and security purposes. For example, organizations operating in highly regulated verticals such as healthcare, financial services, and consumer retail are subject to regular compliance audits. They need to prove that the appropriate security controls are in place to protect their cloud environments. The SQL-like querying capability in CloudTrail Lake can retrieve relevant stored Wiz audit log events,  construct a timeline and show when a connector to a resource was created, when a cloud configuration rule was created and by whom, the status of a cloud configuration rule, or when a security control was omitted and by whom. The audit logs can also help customers construct a timeline of user activity during security investigations such as login, resetting user password, updating user, and logout. 

Store audit worthy events from Wiz for extended periods for compliance and security needs

We are proud to partner with Wiz to build this integration with AWS CloudTrail Lake. This integration simplifies and centralizes audit log management for effective compliance controls and security audits from multiple sources. Events from the Wiz's cloud security platform can be immutably stored in CloudTrail Lake and queried at any time.

Rishi Rangarajan, Director, Software Development at AWS

The Wiz team continues to partner with AWS to deliver this integration with AWS CloudTrail Lake, which helps customers across industries, including heavily regulated industries, to track Wiz audit logs events over the long-term for security and compliance use-cases.

Oron Noah, Director, Product Management at Wiz

Don’t just take our word for it. Existing mutual Wiz and AWS customers can get started now. Read the Wiz docs (login required) or reach out your local Wiz representative to schedule a demo here. Have questions, comments or feedback? Do reach out to Wiz. We love hearing from you.  

Learn more about AWS CloudTrail Lake.  

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