BlogWiz launches new data center in UAE, supercharging global operations in the region

Wiz launches new data center in UAE, supercharging global operations in the region

Organizations in the region can now benefit from Wiz's cloud security platform while maintaining their data sovereignty and privacy requirements.

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Wiz enables cloud security outcomes for cloud builders and defenders, from code to cloud to defense. 

Wiz is excited to announce the opening of our new data center in Dubai, UAE. Organizations in the region can now benefit from Wiz's cloud security platform in closer proximity to their operations while maintaining any data sovereignty and privacy requirements.

Key highlights of the data center: 

  • The data center is built on the highly available and scalable architectural design of Wiz's global infrastructure.  

  • Customers can keep all their data in the data center and maintain 100% regional data sovereignty.

  • All Wiz innovations and features will be available to customers on the same schedule globally.  

  • The new data center is now operational and available to regional customers. 

Wiz's investment in the region is driven by strong customer growth and momentum in the MEA region, featuring major brands like MBC and Emirates NBD. Global companies and organizations are rapidly shifting their business operations to the public cloud, recognizing its ability to drive innovation, increase revenues, and enable innovative new business models. McKinsey's analysis of 700+ public cloud use cases across 600 companies and the public sector in the Middle East indicates a potential value of up to $183 billion by 2030, about 6% of the region’s current GDP. 

Do you want complete visibility across all your workloads on AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI? Are you looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use GUI? Imagine having a risk-based prioritization matrix and a secure score to benchmark and track your progress over time. Do you need control over shadow AI and elusive AI pipelines? How about on-demand access to the CPO and CISO? This is exactly what Wiz offers. It surpasses any CSPM or CNAPP solution, setting a new standard in cloud security.

Aus Alzubaidi
MBC - CISO, Director of IT & Media

Wiz’s new data center is engineered to deliver fast, secure, reliable, high-performance cloud security infrastructure to businesses for their mission-critical applications and data. With our dedication to data privacy and compliance, this deployment will be transformative for businesses in the GCC region and beyond. 

Wiz has empowered technology and security teams with a robust cloud-agnostic security solution tailored to meet stringent data sovereignty requirements. The commitment of Wiz to boost protecting an organization’s cloud assets and enhance visibility for Cyber teams, regardless of where it resides, ensures compliance and reassurance in an ever-evolving digital landscape

Mohammed Darwish Azad, Group Chief Information Security Officer
Emirates NBD

This data center launch in the UAE exemplifies AWS’ commitment to advancing cloud security and providing businesses in the region with cutting-edge infrastructure. Together, AWS and Wiz are enabling organizations to harness the full potential of the cloud while ensuring that their data remains protected and compliant.  

To understand how Wiz can help you meet your cloud security goals, please reach out to your local Wiz team and we will gladly assist you. 

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