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Fixing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the pipeline before deployment makes perfect sense - it reduces the overall threat footprint and saves time. Wiz offers customers a straightforward way to operationalize a Shift Left strategy.

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Wiz offers customers a single, deeply integrated solution that scans the entire cloud stack, across any architecture, and across the development pipeline, all without requiring agents or complex deployments. This brings a unified view from runtime to development, clear risk analysis, and simplified operations that breaks down the operational silos between security and dev teams.

Cloud has transformed the way organizations build and deploy applications. The rise of CI/CD pipelines and DevOps owning their own infrastructure has vastly accelerated the pace of development, but it hasn't been an easy transition. Many security teams struggle to enforce policies without creating friction and the promise of “shifting left” has proven much harder than expected. Despite many solutions claiming to enable DevSecOps, it remains hugely challenging to efficiently operationalize.

Fragmented security controls challenge predictability

Fixing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in the pipeline before deployment makes perfect sense - it reduces the overall threat footprint and saves time. “Too many enterprises are stuck still trying to operationalize a Shift Left strategy that works for everyone,” said Raaz Herzberg - Head of Product. “They have tools that show things wrong in the running environment, and tools that fix issues in the pipeline, but they aren't connected.” Silos between the pipeline and runtime cause a fragmented view of the security posture, but even worse, this disintegration extends across architectures where different policies are set up to control Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), containers, PaaS, etc.

Fragmentation across security tooling makes it impossible to build efficient, predictable workflows. It forces organizations to implement and maintain multiple solutions and redundant policies that ultimately drive up the cost and complexity for everyone.

One solution. One policy. Only Wiz.

Wiz takes a different approach to empowering security teams to control CI/CD pipelines with ease. It provides customers with a single, integrated product that scans VM/images and Container/images for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, network, IAM, and exposed secrets both at runtime and in the CI/CD pipeline. A single unified policy framework ensures end-to-end visibility and control.

Our approach can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

1. Visibility into the burning issues

No one has time to chase alerts and the only way to prevent this is by first having deep visibility into the entire security stack. Only then do you have the context required to know exactly what the biggest problems are, and should be pushed left for faster remediation.

2. Single Policy from Build to Runtime

Wiz Guardrails enable organizations to leverage a single policy framework that spans the development lifecycle (CI/CD pipeline) to runtime. This provides security teams end-to-end visibility into what was scanned in the pipeline and what passed or failed. A single tool combines multiple scanning capabilities to protect AWS, Azure, and GCP virtual machine (VM) images, but also covers container/Docker images, and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) templates for Terraform, ARM, CloudFormation, Docker File, and Kubernetes YAML manifests.

3. Automate risk prevention

Wiz offers numerous ticket routing and alert automation workflows. Whether DevOps want to be notified via Jira, Slack, ServiceNow, or tools like Azure DevOps, CircleCI, or Jenkins, Wiz provides out-of-the-box support to ensure resolution is frictionless. Additionally, the Wiz API offers unlimited customizations to support any existing workflows.

Built for everyone

Simply put, resolving issues before runtime is the only way to effectively scale security in the cloud. DevOps veterans know that they must embrace DevSecOps, but they (correctly) refuse to make security a primary focus and won't sacrifice agility chasing endless tickets. Time is precious and building a culture of collaboration requires simple tooling and a focused set of security tickets that will deliver the biggest impact at runtime, every time.

Already renowned for pinpointing the critical security issues across cloud infrastructure, Wiz offers customers a straightforward way to operationalize a Shift Left strategy that moves you away from resolving incidents in runtime to preventing risks in the first place.

That’s the magic of Wiz.

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