Wiz becomes the first CNAPP to provide DSPM capabilities for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers can now effectively protect their sensitive data with Wiz’s Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) capabilities.

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Organizations store large amounts of data in the cloud, which often includes sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) information, and Protected Health Information (PHI) data and secrets. Securing such data is critical for organizations. Organizations failing to safeguard their sensitive data in the cloud face major the risks of fines, damage to their reputation, and critical data loss. Public exposure remains a common risk in the cloud; the Wiz research team found that 47% of companies have at least one database or storage bucket publicly exposed to the internet. Furthermore, they found that an attacker can discover and access an exposed bucket with a guessable name in less than 13 hours. 

At Wiz, we're committed to helping organizations secure their cloud data effectively, regardless of where it is stored. That's why we're excited to launch DSPM scanning support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With this launch, Wiz and Oracle customers can now proactively detect and remediate cloud data exposure before it escalates into a costly breach. 

Data security for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 

Wiz DSPM helps organizations running on OCI to discover what data is stored in which location, who can access what data, how data assets are configured and utilized across human and non-human identities, and how data moves across environments. Wiz now detects data such as PII, PHI, and PCI in OCI Object Storage Buckets and adds it as a new risk factor to the Wiz Security Graph.  

Customers can also create custom classifiers that will be used for scanning for specific format types unique to their organization. Wiz then uses schema matching across your entire environment to understand data lineage and how data can move between your environments. With this launch, OCI customers can now protect their crown jewels by detecting attack paths to sensitive data on the Wiz Security Graph, such as a publicly exposed virtual machine with a network vulnerability with a known exploit and data access to sensitive data. 

By extending Wiz for DSPM to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, organizations are able to: 

  • Discover Hidden Risks: Uncover data exposure points within Oracle Cloud Object Storage Buckets. 

  • Prevent Breaches: Proactively address security gaps by detecting attack paths to sensitive data and remediate them before they lead to a breach. 

  • Maintain Compliance: Align with industry standards and regulations using Wiz’s comprehensive compliance capabilities.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure organizations customers can now improve their data security posture in OCI efficiently and focus on prevention of data breaches, lowering potential risk of impact to their business.  Get started now with Wiz DSPM for OCI; you can learn more in the Wiz docs (login required). If you prefer a live demo, we would love to connect with you. 

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