BlogWiz becomes the first CNAPP to provide native security to Akamai Linode Cloud

Wiz becomes the first CNAPP to provide native security to Akamai Linode Cloud

Wiz customers can now secure everything they build and run on Akamai Linode Cloud, providing organizations the broadest cloud coverage out of any CNAPP

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Many organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy to enhance flexibility, resilience, and cost-effectiveness for their cloud environment. Security teams responsible for a multi-cloud environment must maintain consistent visibility across all their clouds. As each cloud provider has unique security services, managing security across multi-cloud environments can lead to operational overhead, a fragmented view of security posture, and an increase in attack surface. Organizations need a single security policy that spans all their cloud environments and provides a single pane of glass across their entire cloud footprint. 

Today, we're excited to announce Wiz for Akamai Linode Cloud, enabling Akamai Linode Cloud customers to connect to the Wiz cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) via API and gain visibility within minutes into their environment and the risks across their entire security stack. Wiz is a revolutionary new approach to cloud security: the only agentless, graph-based CNAPP that provides 100% visibility, ruthless risk prioritization, and time-to-value across teams. Akamai Linode Cloud customers can now benefit from effective risk reduction, unmatched visibility, accurate prioritization, and business agility. 

The introduction of Wiz for Akamai Linode Cloud is an addition to the wide breadth of cloud providers Wiz already supports, giving customers the broadest cloud coverage of any agentless CNAPP. With Wiz, organizations can build innovative applications rapidly while staying secure, across all major cloud platforms, from one unified console. 

Proactively remove risk with the Wiz Security Graph 

Wiz automatically assesses your Akamai Linode Cloud environment for risk and correlates the entire security stack on the Wiz Security Graph. The Security Graph provides unmatched visibility into every resource and technology in your multi-cloud environment and gives you the context necessary for accurate risk prioritization. Wiz builds a single prioritized view of risk for your cloud, allowing you to uncover and prioritize the toxic combinations that represent real risk, as opposed to inundating your security team with contextless alerts. 

The Security Graph also helps you empower your developers so they can own the security of their resources. Wiz provides developers with an easy-to-understand risk vizualization, accurate prioritization, and remediation guidance, so they can quickly gain visibility into their security posture and understand what actions they need to take. 

Wiz offers a comprehensive CNAPP solution for all cloud security needs, across all major clouds, including secure software development, posture management, and threat detection and response. Wiz for Akamai Linode Cloud is now available to all Wiz customers. Learn more in the Wiz Docs (login required). If you prefer a live demo, we would love to connect with you.  

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“Best User Experience I have ever seen, provides full visibility to cloud workloads.”
David EstlickCISO
“Wiz provides a single pane of glass to see what is going on in our cloud environments.”
Adam FletcherChief Security Officer
“We know that if Wiz identifies something as critical, it actually is.”
Greg PoniatowskiHead of Threat and Vulnerability Management